A session with Shaman Durek can vary depending upon what the spirit guides tell him is necessary for you at that time. First, he consults your team as he calls them and they give him information about your life and things you need to resolve. Based on what the spirit guides tell him, he may do a variety of things.

Sometimes he will use drumming to put you into a trance to release poisons from your body. Other times he may just sit and have a conversation with you about the things going on in your life. A loved one may come in from the other side or you may choose just to ask questions. No matter what happens you will leave the session feeling empowered, stronger and free. His messages and healing techniques are intense and sometimes people are not ready to face certain things however the results are deeply beneficial and he comes from a place of pure love.

Home Clearıng

Like our bodies, our homes and workspaces can accumulate toxic, heavy energies. These harmful energies can come from people, past occurrences, geographic location or malevolent spirits. Cleansing and protecting your space can vitalize and infuse positivity, comfort and productivity into your environment.

Shaman Durek brings his energy work, herbal essences and ancient techniques with him to your home in order to bring harmony and peace into the environment.

Services Offered

• 1 hour Session
• 2 hour Session
• Spiritual Surgery
• Soul retrieval

• Body treatment session
• Phone Sessions
• Home Clearing
• Workshops


• How to Connect with your spirit guides
• Understanding the Spirit World
• The Power of words and how they can create or destroy
• Stepping into your power and living your truth
• How to See Auraus
• Chakras
• Earth Medicine
• Sacred Shamanic Journey to meet your power animal
• What are dreams
• Connecting with your inner child
• How to be in the flow and manifest what you want
• What is your real passion
• Manga Healing
• Awaken your sacred Rhythm
• Sufi healing using sacred Hamsa
• How to access your primal energy
• How to read people by sensing energy
• How to break a hex or curse
• Inner Flame Healing

• Katamune Healing
• Jumbata Healing
• Mapping
• Jera Healing
• Spiritual Polarity identity
• Shamanic Soul Grouping
• Butterfly technique
• How to read people empathically
• Imprinting
• Opening the Sacred Channels of the spine
• Mental Entrapment limits manifestation
• Linear Perspective versus Quantum perspective
• Kuba Healing
• Mental Parasites
• Understanding the Quantum Sphere
• Heart healing
• Soul retrieval
• Grid work
• Inner Flame Healing

How to prepare for your appointment

It is recommended to wear light colors or all white if possible do not drink, smoke or eat meat for 24 hours prior to your appointment please arrive on time

What to expect from your appointment

Your first session might be a little bit intense if you have never experienced anything like this. If you are having healing done, you will be tired after your session. When you are put into a trance it might take you some time after your appointment to come out of it.

We recommend to not have anything scheduled on the day of your appointment so you can recover. Do not go directly to work or to party after your session. Prepare time to rest after your session.

Important Information

If you are ill or in a wheal chair, paralyzed or in a coma you will need more than a one hour session and you will need to book two hours. We do not guarantee any healing for illness. Healing from illness depends on the willingness from the patient. All international bookings and payments are done through the agent of that country


The mission of this tour is to strategically work with the most influential people and teach them shamanic tools, create a spark so they can take that knowledge and share it with the rest of their country.

• Los Angeles, CA
• New York, NY
• Miami, FL
• Istanbul, Turkey
• Bodrum, Turkey
• Reykjavik, Iceland
• Moscow, Russia
• London, England
• Berlin, Germany
• Stockholm, Sweden
• Dubai
• Ibiza, Spain