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A spiritual guide and gifted healer, Shaman Durek is a third-generation shaman. He has devoted decades to study and practice in becoming a thought leader and spiritual enthusiast for people all over the world. He spoke with us on the training and work it takes to be a Shaman and the spiritual advice he’d share with new clients to approve their lives.

What does it mean to be a

SHAMAN DUREK: To be a shaman is to be
willing to sacrifice your life for the evolution of our species and the
sustainability of life by helping people understand who they are without false
pretenses, labels, and belief systems that are not grounded in unconditional
love. You are an ambassador of the spirit world to the physical world. Helping
people to understand the unknown and the deeper meanings of life in a
simplistic, digestible, intellectual way.

Is there specific training
that you went through to achieve this position?

SD: Yes, there is a specific
training. It starts when you’re young, around 11. You learn about everything
from how the human consciousness operates, energy dynamics, the principles of
sociology, anatomy, physiology, trans-communication, healing, focus, and
discipline, and so much more. It’s ongoing until you take your rights of
passage. But you are still learning even after that because you are in a human
body. It’s humbling and rewarding to be of service to humankind. I function on
the principles that we are all in this together and I share what I can to put
the power back in people’s hands.

As a third generation
medicine man, what were your impressions of medicine men as a child and young

SD: I was curious, I was
captivated by it but also just wanted to be a kid and having spirits and all
kinds of things happening to me made me feel like something wasn’t right. I
noticed there were differences between my world and other people’s worlds. For
instance, my friends are on the football team having their own life and I’m
learning how to let spirits into my body and conjure things from different
dimensions and reading people’s energies. On one hand, I felt very excited and
empowered about what I could do with my abilities and on the other hand, I felt
like I was being used and robbed of my childhood.

How did you connect with
Gwyneth Paltrow and how do you work together to improve her work and personal

SD: She sought me out via
recommendation and we spent the day together, and the rest is history. I share
with her shamanism and my gifts and it strengthens her clarity and insight to
empower her to see her highest truth.

Share some of the elements
taking place at the Well Being in the Modern Age event you are participating in
this Saturday.

SD: I’m going to be speaking on
a panel with Natalie Kuhn, Julie Piatt, Neuro Hacker Collective, and Allison
Charles. It will be moderated by Luke Story. I’m excited to hear the topics
Luke will bring to us that will enlighten and create a conversation of
intellect and change.

What is one piece of
spiritual advice you share with new clients to improve their lives?

SD: There are so many things I
share but one of the things I share the most is that you don’t owe anyone
anything. Do it because your heart wants to do it, not because someone told
you-you have to. There’s no one that is like you in this world so there’s no one
who can judge you, which makes you instrumentally valuable. Therefore, you must
shine brighter than the sun without fear or hesitation.