JANUARY 27, 2020

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If you’ve already let a few of those well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions go by the wayside (and who hasn’t?), DANIELLE FOX shares the simple and sustainable wellness habits you will be able to stick to.

Rather than giving yourself a hard time about the New Year’s resolutions you might not have kept, why not focus on being a little kinder to yourself, your diet and your fitness by making just a few small changes and positive tweaks for the year ahead? They don’t have to be difficult. From bettering your breath to trying a new power herb and approaching your workout and closet with a new, mindful attitude, start now with our guide to the easy switch-ups that will lead to lasting change.

Make one small change to your diet

The Ayurvedic system believes that the best way to prepare for the year when it comes to diet is to go easy and make subtle changes. “So no sudden juice cleanse,” advises Ayurveda expert Anita Kaushal. “Instead, try fasting for just one morning, from when you wake until lunchtime [drinking water and herbal teas is fine], to give your body a digestive rest.” Also, rethink the way you drink water. “Don’t gulp water in a single breath and try sipping warm or room-temperature water with a slice of ginger. Not only does this boost your immunity, but it can also help relieve bloating and kick-start your metabolism,” she explains. “And do avoid ice-chilled water where possible, which is known to disturb the digestion and can lead to constipation.”

Try a new meditation ritual that actually works

According to Gwyneth Paltrow’s go-to spiritual guide, Shaman Durek, you can fast-track your health with this simple daily meditative ritual. “Lay on a mat, cross your right foot over your left, stretch out your hands and squeeze the palm of your hand while you say these words out loud: ‘I want to increase and optimise my health.’ Then breathe deeply for two minutes (set a timer for ease). Do this daily for a week, then increase the time to five, 10, 15 minutes, and ideally then you would reach an hour. Not only does this breathwork increase your cardiovascular health, it strengthens your heart and opens up your energy meridians. In addition, mental focus is increased, as well as serotonin, helping you feel good, boosting immunity and creating positive energy in and around you.”

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