Spirit Hacking Webinar: Redefining Yourself


Shaman Durek will go over different topics in the “Spirit Hacking” book to give you tools to amplify your life for manifestation, love and spiritual evolution. Join us and redefine yourself for the new year!

What is the Feminine Factor?

  • Understand how masculine and feminine energetics function in this reality
  • Learn about energetic polarities and logic vs. intuition
  • Understand the spirit hack on calibrating your internal navigating system

Get More Real with Spirit Hacking

  • Learn how to be in alignment with yourself. Every human being on the planet has a unique energetic signature that connects them to specific energies and frequencies that are meant to support them on their path. Learn how to understand your specific signature and get in alignment.
  • Learn about quantum entanglement and how it binds us to energies that influence our internal state of homeostasis
  • Learn how the fire element is used and the fire scrying spirit hack