Tachyon Wellness

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A Tachyon is a particle that travels faster than the speed of light. Tachyons infuse physical matter with spiritual light. With the Tachyon Illumination rods, this amazingly strong Tachyon source, it will jump start your healing journey. Within moments of holding these powerful rods, you begin to feel Tachyon pulsing through your whole body. TSA friendly and great for travel. Anytime, anywhere, these are such a blast!
-Use Power Rods any time you feel you need a boost in energy
-Use Power Rods when meditating
-Use Power Rods when manifesting
-Hold Power Rods over any area that needs healing
-Sleep with a Power Rod down by your feet. They are wonderful for those with neuropathy or circulation issues.

Many practitioners place Power Rods in their client’s hands for ultimate healing fields.

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