“Our souls are an accumulation of the many lives we lived and subsequently reincarnated as aspects of our personality. The future self of those lives existing at this time holds the patterns of our past beliefs.

“Our souls are an accumulation of the many lives we lived and subsequently reincarnated as aspects of our personality. The future self of those lives existing at this time holds the patterns of our past beliefs. The only difference is that these other lives manifest presently as energy at a mind level that is child-like in its openness to experience. As they seek wisdom and knowledge and yearn for more input, these energies contain memories of the lives they have lived: past, present, and future which is the alchemy of the soul.”

In order to work through karma, souls are open to new suggestions to reshape conditioning and beliefs while working through us being their vessel, in which to learn and evolve; these energies also assimilate the words and energy we send to them. They make up the whole of our emotional body. The break down that occurs within us is created by the information we give to the soul as emotions which creates a disturbance in our life. If we are being negative and delivering knowledge that is based in fear and lack, then we are conditioning our soul to reflect that in our life as truth. No matter how much spiritual work we do on ourselves, if we don’t address our soul and accept humility for the fact that we delivered incorrect information, we will always hit a block.

Many think that the mind is the reason for their limitation which is only part of the truth; however, not the entire reality. The mind gathers information from the world and people and anything it experiences. This creates the misconception because the mind is limited to this world’s information and not considering the spiritual information contained in the soul. Information in that narrow view is like walking into a grocery store and seeing many products on the shelf. How do you know which one is best for you without considering our soul’s experience? The biggest deception is that we actually believe we know what’s best for us. That is the ego at work.

The ego is the mind without the Source involved. It’s on a solo mission deciding the course life should take and really having no clear reason for it choice other than that it wants to be right about what it believes as truth. The imbalance is in the act of the mind not doing what the mind was created to do which is to deliver the truth according to the divine by listening to spirits guidance instead of its own. Then taking what Source says, which is based in love, and transferring that wisdom to the soul, it’s really simple. The source speaks to the mind; the mind speaks to the emotion; and life moves, flows, and manifests all that is right for you. Source tells you which product on the shelf of life is the best one and highest one for your success and happiness. This creates the alchemy of the soul.

So why do people not connect to this infinite power and well-spring of knowledge and wisdom? The disparity lies between believing in Source, which is all-loving and knowing, and knowing in the physical world , we are in such disarray. This is a valid question to ask. What Source tells me that I’d like to share is that the divine Source and all angels and spirit guides and other beings of light can not interfere with human affairs. If Source got involved at the level we would want which is to deal with the myriad of the worlds issues, then we would lose our free will universally. This would be a major shift in our reality. To lose our free will would mean some power or being has control over our will which, hence, would make us subjugated.

This can’t happen, for the whole universe would be in total chaos. This principal must be upheld so that we have choice and freedom and can learn from the choices that we make. When we correct our choice by aligning to the divine, we connect to a waterfall of quantum wisdom that’s available at our fingertips. Think of the power and resources you can be tapped into all the time. When the mind asks the Source for info and the mind gives the loving truth to the soul, a marriage is made between Spirit, mind, body and soul. That is the true union to have on Earth.

So when you notice your mind engaging in plans and agendas, it’s your will to stop and redirect and ask Source to be involved, and you can also ask you guides or angels. There are so many beings that are here to assist you in your journey. The parable “ask and you shall receive” is in truth the law of the divine. Speak to your emotions with love and compassion. Apologize to your soul for giving it incorrect information and be humble when doing so. Accept humility for being wrong. It’s ok to now tell your emotions the truth that the divine tells you. This truth is based in love. Never speak to your emotions with fear or lack. Think of your soul as seeds in a garden. If you tend to your field with love and tenderness, then you will see your garden grow into something that will bear fruit. If you pour poison onto your garden, then expect to feel emotionally unstable and fearful and filled with lack. It’s that simple. If your emotions over power you with negative feeling about yourself or life, it’s because you have fed your garden poison and it’s sending it back to you. Don’t fall into those emotions. Talk to it as if you were speaking to a child that needs love. Ask it why it believes what its saying. Take action to correct it with love and truth. Don’t under any circumstance agree with what you are feeling, and don’t check out cause your emotions from your soul are too much to handle.

Responsibility is the ability to respond to any situation with love. You will have a more fulfilling life and you will truly know the alchemy of the soul and your life will never be the same. All of your old beliefs will no longer influence you. The wisdom and relationship you will obtain by surrendering to the Source will make your feel safe and loved and well cared for. This is the principal of “let God’s will be your will”. Let this will be your anthem to your journey through life. So let the alchemy begin and may your world be filled by a new chemistry made out of love for the divine and trust in the universe. All is well and forever will be.

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