Are you open to love? If you saw it coming your way, would you know? Could you point love out in a crowd or would you pass right by it without even noticing?

Are you open to love? If you saw it coming your way, would you know? Could you point love out in a crowd or would you pass right by it without even noticing?

Since the beginning of time, we’ve obsessed about love. In the old days, love was about courtship. Love was an expression of one’s devotion and intent to become a suitor. It was honored through sonnets and songs, written about in poetry and letters, sealed with wax stamps and sprays of perfume. Love was the notion that you wouldn’t have to walk alone on Earth. It meant you would find a mate to share your life with, and for some, settle down and have a family. Love was a walk on the beach, flowers at your doorstep, a glance across a crowded room, the feeling of your heart pounding in your chest. Everybody yearned for it and it became the cornerstone of society.

Even today’s music, art and advertising sell you the idea that if you buy this, wear that or have this in your life, you are worthy of love. The obsession with love is so ignited in our minds that it motivates most of what we do in life. This yearning causes pain and suffering for those who feel rejected or dismissed. Some even believe that if they do not have certain things in life, they are not loveworthy. How can anyone not be loveworthy?

Love is not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You will not be refused love if you do not do what society tells you. What happened to the beauty, simplicity and playfulness of love? It should be about curiosity and discovery. Instead, it’s been whittled down to contracts and agreements, positions and standings. People aren’t letting their heart find love—they’re driven by ego and fear, which isn’t about love at all. It’s become about business and finding security.

People wonder why they avoid relationships and indulge in sexual encounters with no attachment. It’s because the expectations placed upon them are too much to bear. When it becomes a song and dance of pleasing another’s contract or idea of love, this distorts love’s simplistic essence. The heart itself has no say because the ego is now the deciding factor of the soul’s quest for a mate. The ego thinks it knows what is best for you because it wants to protect you, but what it doesn’t know is that if you let your heart be your judge, compass and adventure map, you will be truly satisfied and complete on a powerful soul level. That goes beyond any superficial billboard mockup of what love looks like.

The ego doesn’t know what truly brings you to a level of completeness—it only fills in the emptiness it sees with anything it can find to give you temporary satisfaction rather than long lasting results. When that satisfaction wears off because it did not come from Source, you are left empty, angry and even more scared than before. You then create more distortion because you do not trust love anymore, and when you cannot trust love, you cannot trust yourself because you are the one who chose it. Yet the part of you that chose it was your ego, which is consumed by media, advertising and everything that is an illusion. This leads many people to say, “Down with Love! I don’t need it. I don’t want it. It’s too painful and too much work.” Or they think they are not loveable or worthy enough to find love.

Those thoughts are all wrong. I say up with love. Take back the core meaning of love as Source intended it. Stop writing your lists of what you’re looking for in a mate. Stop trying to figure out how much they have in their bank account, how hot they are or what your friends will think of them. Let your heart be your compass. Just say, “I am open to love,” and leave the rest up to Source.

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