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All sessions are performed remotely. In-person sessions are unavailable until further notice.

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Shaman Durek holds events all over the world. All events and registrations for Wokeshops, The Healing Temples and otherwise, will be posted here.

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The Healing Temple

Currently in a re-birth.

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Spirit Hacking Wokeshops | Word Yourself Up (Class 2)

Wednesday, October 18th

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Spirit Hacking Series | Word Yourself Up (Class 2)

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Shaman Durek is all about putting the power back in your hands. We as humans all have the power to be Lit Leaders on this earth and Shaman Durek is simply here to be a guide to navigate the intricacies of your spiritual system.

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Shaman Durek’s YouTube channel hosts powerful life-enhancing content to lift and shift you into Being Your Own Damn Guru.

This includes special meditations, guest conversations and messages of love. Some of this content can also be found on his Instagram channel. Check out these lit videos and click the button below to Subscribe.

How to Evolve; It's not what you think!

Every human being on the planet has a unique energetic signature that connects them to specific energies and frequencies that…

Are you surrounded by Energy Vampires?

If you’re a person who thinks your energy is being drained, you actually put yourself around energy vampires, so they…

You matter!

Don’t ever second-guess the importance of your being. If you exist, you matter. You don’t have to achieve anything to…

Is your energy being pulled from you?

Because human beings are driven by our need to be liked & need to belong, many of our relationship dynamics are marked by…

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Learn to expand your empathic powers, including when to use them in a healthy way & when to keep up your boundaries so that you don’t become a worn-out people pleaser.