Spirit Optimizer – Turquoise


Spirit Optimizer is advanced spiritual technology for spirit hacking and optimization. All SO are made to order. All domestic orders will be shipped by December 20th, and all international shipments will be delivered after January 1st, 2022. PLEASE NOTE ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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Turquoise is a signature frequency color, special in that many ancient cultures associated it with great protection and deep power.

The Ancient Truth will assist you in perceiving the deeper truth. You will increase your perception of what is stored in the body, such as hidden feelings and messages in people’s words, music and other sounds.

The Ancient Truth connects us to rooted ancestral knowledge. If you are challenged with ancestral patterns, Turquoise Spirit Optimizer will assist to transform and clear them.

Because Ancestral energies manifest in the most primary physical elements of the body, Turquoise assists in strengthening the organs, blood vessels and overall condition of the body.

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Dimensions 6.35 × 6.35 × 1.5 cm

The Spirit Optimizer can Harmonize your space, so you can work, rest and feel more energized throughout your day.

Energize your food and drinks so they assimilate into your body more easily.

Clear out energy stagnations that create insufficient energy and stress.

Send more energy to your gifts so that you can perform better.

Neutralize fear and protect yourself from negative energy.

The Spirit Optimizer will assist you into being your best version of your higher self.

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