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Ancient Wisdom Today

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Shamanic Tools and Wisdom


Shaman Durek shares wisdom, in a timely manner to assist us all in evolving to our most authentic realized selves.


Online and eventually once again in person, Durek hosts Seminars, Interactive Classes, Wokeshops and Guided Meditations.


The Shaman School is Shaman Durek's Shamanic teachings as video courses. You'll also find past recordings from Healing Temple and Wokeshops.


ANCIENT WISDOM TODAY is the high-rated Podcast hosted by Shaman Durek, with big-name guests who are lit leaders in their field.

Tiny Quinterium
Tiny Quinterium
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Shaman Durek's 30 Day Gift To Remind you how amazing you are

30 Days Strong is a program I developed for people to really step in and experiment with Shamanic knowledge and techniques that have been passed down through different cultures and experiences I’ve explored. Taking the 30 Days Strong program is to take a step toward loving yourself in a bigger, more expansive way. 

I already know you love yourself; it’s time now to enhance yourself through witnessing and deepening your connection to your power and making sure that you always remember that you are a leader of legacy born for greatness.

30 Days Strong helps you put the power back in your hands, showing you how to optimize your life in the most beautiful way through reminding you to authentically recognize how amazing you are.

All of the 30 Days Strong program can be viewed at any time, as you need, completely free

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Tiny Quinterium
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