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Shaman DurekReceive shamanic healing from Shaman Durek catered to you and what your spirit guides tell Shaman Durek is needed for you to heal and overcome what is blocking you.

He will look at certain belief systems and programs that you may be holding onto that you have obtained from your guardians, parents or social situations.

He will access this information by giving you clarity and insight on things happening behind the scenes so that you have a broader understanding of what is going on.

He will unleash codes of energy inside your body that will allow you to access different awarenesses of thought and changing synapsis codes.

He will then bring in ancestors from the ancient tribes to begin working on the body. When releasing, you may shake, cough, yell, or vomit. You may connect and communicate with ancestors who have passed to the other side, travel to or see different dimensions.

He will put the power back in your hands, by showing you that you have the ability to regulate your own body, to clear your own blockages that are no longer serving you so that you can reach greater possibilities and more manifestation.

Each session is an hour long and costs a flat rate of $2,000.

URGENT : Session times are opened 2-4 weeks in advance. If you don't see availability beyond this timeframe, it's because we aren't booking that far ahead.

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Negative Energy?

Shaman Durek will teach you how to distinguish the different forms of energy, clear dark energy and how to keep it away from you, how to disconnect yourselves from those energies and frequencies, and more!