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In my Wokeshops, I’ve extracted the best from the world’s philosophies, religions, spiritual teachings, and theories, offering a juice without pulp that will empower your life!

My goal is to demystify spirituality, while adding a bit of science. Join me in seizing the tools of understanding, where you’re able to have more…

…because ‘you’ deserve more!

Spirit Hacking Series | Word Yourself Up (Class 2)

Wednesday, October 20th @ 6pm PDT/9pm EDT

Tribe, people have God so wrong. Most people think God is some bearded guy on a cloud who rewards the good and punishes the bad, just like Santa Claus, minus the reindeer and the elves.

But that’s not what God is. God is that that little girl or boy who exists inside us as pure innocence and unconditional love, and that child is your soul. And the soul that I have inside me is the same soul you have inside you because there is but one God, despite God’s many forms.

Your every word is being registered by your child inside you. Imagine telling a five-year-old that he was stupid, or that she was ugly, or that she ruined everything, or that you hate his guts, and imagine how those words would affect that child. That is precisely what your words are doing to your child inside you.

And the God/child inside you creates based on our words, taking each one as instructions as to how we want our realities to shape themselves. Every word we speak is a seed of creation, without exception. What kind of reality are you creating for yourself if you talk so harshly to and about yourself? It is one of lack: you aren’t good enough, smart enough, strong enough, fast enough, whatever it may be!

Lack of consciousness isn’t just about the numbers in our bank account or the material possessions we don’t have. Lack consciousness is also about the energies and emotions we want to experience. Still, we are not giving to ourselves—such as kindness, laughter, affection, relaxation, and play.

When we love ourselves, we learn to give ourselves these energies and these experiences instead of burdening the people in our lives with the responsibility of doing it for us.

Tribe, are you ready to shake up to wake up and use your words for good? Are you ready to grow up to glow-up? Then join me for my next Spirit Hacking Wokeshop: Shake Up to Wake Up! This Wokeshop is WORD YOURSELF UP Class 2 on Wed. Oct 20th at 6 pm Pacific & 9 pm Eastern.

My book Spirit Hacking, a prerequisite for the course and the Wokeshop. I look forward to connecting with you there! I love you!

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