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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the Private Session page, or some of the articles linked in the Press section, where journalists came to experience a session with Shaman Durek. Otherwise, there’s a video where Durek demonstrated a session live on morning television.

We advise that you do not drink alcohol or eat meat for at least 24 hours before a session.

We recommend taking the day off after your session. Healing may make you feel fatigued, emotional, and/or mentally cloudy. The best thing to do is go home and rest.

One hour sessions cost $1000, and we also offer a once a month group session for up to 10 people which cost $200 per person for those who cannot afford privates.

We do not have a payment plan. All sessions must be paid in full to book your spot.

Yes, we take either credit card or PayPal.

No, for now, we only take credit card and PayPal.

Join us for The Healing Temple every Friday to get 30 minutes of shamanic healing for just $10, and we also offer pro-bono sessions for those who qualify. Another option is to come to one of his workshops, listen to his podcast, or enroll in The Shaman School. You can also pick up a copy of our book, “Spirit Hacking”!

You may have someone sit in the session with you and observe, or to be there for you, but any work done on a second person will be billed for.

If you would like to have a session with two people, this would require an additional charge.

There is no difference between the two. You will receive the same service. However in person may be preferred for someone with physical ailments.

This means there are currently no available sessions until further notice. Scroll down this page and subscribe to our newsletter! You will be the first to know about new session dates opening up!

Welcome! We do not provide any transportation or accommodation, so getting to and from your session would be your responsibility. We would also advise at least a half day after your session before your flight home, if possible, to allow yourself adequate down time to rest and process your emotions after your session.

Shaman Durek does occasionally travel and do sessions in other states and countries. The best way to know if he is coming to your town is to be subscribed to the newsletter and stay informed on where he will be traveling next.

You can book any slots that are currently listed as available. His schedule is ever-changing, so there is no guarantee he will be in Los Angeles at any given time.

If this is the case, let us know at [email protected] We cannot promise accommodation, but if there is some way to fit you in, we will do our best.

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Because everyone is different, there is no way to say for sure if you will need more than one session. Letting yourself be as open as possible coming into a session will give you the best chance of healing, but yes there are times that people may need more than one session.

We ask that you dress comfortably. No tight clothes.

Unfortunately, he is only doing sessions an hour long. If you would like more time, you would have to request a longer healing to [email protected] or book the remaining session slots.

There are no medicines or drugs given whatsoever during a session with Shaman Durek. Spirit does all the work ☺

I would like to do business with Shaman Durek


We update our events page frequently, and to get first knowledge of sessions and events, please sign up for our newsletter.

Shaman Dureks symbol is called the Quinterium. It is a powerful symbol that balances your body on all levels and therefore increases your health and heals your body.

To read the story of how Durek was given the Quinterium, go to this page in The Shaman’s Library.

  • opens your sensorium
  • opens and expands your consciousness
  • opens your third eye and therefore gives you insights
  • opens your energy field to the higher realms of consciousness
  • opens your potential
  • gives you access to higher intelligence
  • balances your nervous system
  • balances your connection between heart and mind
  • balances your masculine and feminine energies
  • protects you from unnecessary energy, like the evil eye

Originally, Shaman Durek was informed by his parents that he was a 3rd generation Shaman. 

Later on in life, his aunt surprised him when she asked, “why are you telling people you’re 3rd generation? You’re a 6th generation Shaman.”

He was surprised and after a longer conversation that taught Durek more about his past, he updated his information appropriately.

To confirm; Shaman Durek IS a 6th Generation Shaman.

Do you have questions about Shamanism?

Check out The Shaman’s Library. If you’ve ever asked “How do I become a shaman?”, “What is a shaman?” and “What are shamanic symbols?”, this resource is built for you.