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The Healing Temple

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“I created THE HEALING TEMPLE because people all over the world want and need healing, but don’t have access to those healers, or can’t afford them.”
– Shaman Durek

The Healing Temple is a collective space for people to come together every Saturday for 45 minutes.

Participants are opening a wellspring of abilities alleviating stress and brain fog, where the mind becomes more optimized and performance based, and where you learn to utilize energy to ‘up-level’ your consciousness.


Saturday, September 11th
8:00am PT for 45 minutes

Please note: Even if you cannot attend live, all registrants will receive a full replay of the Healing Temple for their viewing. The replay will be available for up to 6 months after the event date.

Please contact [email protected] if you have questions or experience any issues.


“Shaman Durek was singing in an ancient language into his computer screen. His voice was deep and soothing.

The shaman, whose legal name is Durek Verrett, snapped his fingers…”

“Spirits!” his voice boomed. “Go inside of their hearts, remove the first layer. Dig out the poison!”

Almost immediately, the chat function of this Zoom video lit up.

“Chills,” wrote Michelle.
“Crying,” said Stephanie.
“Prickles at my heart,” added Kari.

Others described coughing, tingling, laughing and yawning. (The throat, Mr. Verrett said, is a pathway through which the body can expel negative energy.)… Full article here.

The New York Times

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How to Prepare:

  • Before we start, have your Quinterium symbol next to you and say, “activate the Quinterium for healing my physical, mental and spiritual body”.
  • Make sure you have tissue and something to spit in (you may spit or cough up stuff when releasing toxins and negative energies).
  • Please do not have any alcohol or substances in your body while taking part in The Healing Temple.
  • Wear flowing clothing. No tight pants, no belts and no watches.

After the Healing Temple:

  • For optimal results we recommend – but do not require – that no meat or alcohol is consumed for three days.

    This is meant to keep your body clear and open for the healing/releasing that may follow.

    You will still see results if you do eat meat or drink alcohol; integration runs deeper without.

Please download/print/take a photo/draw the quinterium symbol below and have it next to you during the Healing Temple.

The Quinterium

Click to display the isolated Quinterium image.

To learn more about the origins and meaning behind the Quinterium, read this entry in The Shaman’s Library.

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Shaman Durek will teach you how to distinguish the different forms of energy, clear dark energy and how to keep it away from you, how to disconnect yourselves from those energies and frequencies, and more!