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BYODG Series | Hack Your Ego


Up-level your life through the powerful tools of the EGO!

Your ego will create the loving reality you choose to believe in. It’s true. If you’re ready to embrace your ego and live in the reality you believe, join me in this Wokeshop webinar from the BYODG series.

What do you even know about the EGO? We’re told since childhood that EGO is bad, and we’re pushed into believing this false idea that we need to “kill” our ego. I’m here to tell you that one, it’s not possible to kill your ego, so please stop trying, and two, without ego, there would be nothing keeping us here in this dense, 3D plane.

Your ego’s job is to make you believe in the world you want to see. Are you ready to up-level the powerful affirmation device that is your EGO?

In this Webinar, you’ll get ready to:

  • Pull your ego out of duality and into service
  • Kinesthetically communicate with your ego or the ego of others
  • Align your highest vision with your ego
  • Write code with your ego
  • Run body tests on your ego

It’s time to get to know your ego and dispel all the misinformation you have been fed for way too long. There are infinite realities, and everyone’s reality is unique to them. Choose to believe in love and your ego will create a loving reality for you. What are you waiting for?

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