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BYODG Series | Magnetic Spirit Hacking


What drains your magnetic energy and how it affects you.

Everything we are experiencing in our reality is a manifestation of the magnetic energies we are holding onto inside ourselves. You see, Tribe, anything you are uncomfortable or displeased with in the world, reflects something you are uncomfortable or displeased with inside yourself.

If you truly want to be a balanced, more powerful you, stop sucking the life out of your magnetic energy. In this wokeshop webinar, we’ll identify what drains your magnetic energy – lack of nature, arguing, holding onto emotions, just to name a few – and how they affect your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual systems.

Get ready to ask yourself some tough questions and answer them honestly to determine if :

1. you are a powerful magnetic powerhouse,
2. you are keeping things moving, but barely pushing through,
3. you are creating a lot of imbalances, or
4. you are under attack.

Pay attention to the “you are” Tribe, because if you are feeling fog head, irritated easily, or anxious you are the one depleting your magnetic energy! That also means you are the one to replenish it.

Now for the fun stuff! You’ll learn how to scan your body to find areas of lack, call in your magnetic spirit, and open your magnet spheres!

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