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BYODG Series | Synergizing the Feminine & Masculine


Learn how to balance your masculine and feminine energies.

Are your masculine and feminine energies balanced? Do you feel out of balance with either or?

The feminine is, by nature, intuitive and emotional. The feminine is about feeling, flowing, merging, connecting, and relating. Masculine energy, on the other hand, is about structure, placement, and task. It’s about patterns, and regimen, and routine. Masculine is about doing, fixing, & achieving. Did you know we all carry masculine and feminine energetics inside us? But most people never synchronize the two.

The feminine—which is, by nature, unstructured—is meant to be harmonized by the directed orientation of the Masculine. Notice I said harmonized by, not dominated by. The Masculine has long dominated the feminine by incorrectly equating emotion with weakness and intuition with nonsense. In devaluing these qualities, both men and women have suffered massively.

When the Masculine and the feminine are in sync, they complement each other in a beautiful symbiosis. But when the ordered, problem-solving nature of the Masculine is not balanced by the expanded, emotional perspective of the feminine, both become distorted.

When men and women are relating to one another from masculine and feminine energies that are balanced, they bring out each other’s strengths, and amplify them.

The same goes for the world. When we, as a collective, bring the Masculine and the feminine energetics informing our politics, culture, education, environment, economics, and our everything into balance, that’s when we will find ourselves thriving in a whole new way.

If you’re ready to synergize both the Masculine and the Feminine, this is a can’t-miss wokeshop!

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