BYODG Series | What Else Don’t You Know About Your Spirit Guides


Do you know who your spirit guides are? Would you like to find out?

Do you know who your spirit guides are? Would you like to find out?

My great-grandmother Mamal is my closest guide in the spirit world. She’s pulled me back from the dead and I talk to her pretty much every day. She first came to me when I was five and told me I was going to be a powerful shaman.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. visits me often in the spirit world and guides me as to how to use my thoughts to shape myself. When he said, “I have a dream,” he was talking about dreaming greater to create racial equality for all people. But the system couldn’t allow culture to evolve in this way, so it manipulated people into forgetting about this great dream.

And that’s why I’d like to show you all the things you don’t know about your spirit guides so that the darkness can’t fool you. It can’t keep you asleep. It can’t control or manipulate you. Not with your own spirit guides on your side!

I’ll show you spirit hacks to get to know your guides and hear their answers. The spirits never withhold information, they are here to answer your questions. I’ll tell you what a Sensing Guide is, what a Human Elect Guide is, and if you can change your guides or not! But What Else Don’t You Know About Your Spirit Guides? Do you know how to connect to your Star Guide? Who is your Earth Guide? Who is your Protector Guide? Did you know that you have so many guides on your side?!

Join me to find out who guides your visions, your creativity, your business, even your evolution! With all these guides on your side, the Darkness doesn’t stand a chance!

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