Spirit Hacking Wokeshop : Money & Flow


Attract money and be in the flow of abundance and prosperity.

How can I increase my finances? How can I increase my flow?

Shaman Durek will go over different topics in the “Spirit Hacking” book that will give you the tools and show you different ways that you can attract money and be in the flow of abundance and prosperity. Join Shaman Durek and the Tribe to learn new Spirit Hacks to lift n’ shift and live our best lives.

Shamanic Economics
-Understand the meaning of abundance and prosperity through the flow of exchange.
-Understand how the matrix programs us into thinking being spiritual means rejecting wealth, and how to shift that programming.

It’s All About The Flow
-Learn how to get in alignment with money, call currency into your life, and allow it to move and flow to get you lit.
-Learn what the Nature Code is and how to implement it into your life so that the flow of abundance will continually pour into yourself and the others around you.

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