XLIII. Reclaiming Witch The Magic of the Divine Feminine (Lisa Lister)

Shamanic Healing


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Narrator: [00:01:23] Human beings have been sharing stories for hundreds of thousands of years. And with those stories came the emotional, spiritual and physical knowledge of the ancients. Shaman Durek is a third-generation shaman, an evolutionary innovator and a women’s empowerment leader. He’s here to bring forth the ancient wisdom of our elders to help heal and bring happiness into our modern society. We’re sharing ancient knowledge in modern times in order to put the power back in people’s hands. Welcome to the tribe!


Shaman Durek: [00:01:58] Hello, beautiful tribal members. Welcome to the Ancient Wisdom Today podcast. I’m so happy you’re here today for this wonderful share. Remember, I told you I’m changing the word from show to share because that’s what it’s about. It’s sharing love and knowledge and just enriching all of the tribal members with information so that we can take that information and move it into different energy places within our life and create this amazing life for ourselves. Because why? Because we’re powerful, and we are so powerful. Powerful people deserve to have an amazing life because that is how it’s supposed to be, period, right? So we had this time right now where we get to experience all of these amazing energies, and we get to pick and choose like we’re at a buffet and say, OK, I want this and I don’t want that. This, this, this. I definitely want, and I don’t want that. That’s where we are, right? And so in this tribe, we know that every single person who comes into this share with us, who comes into this circle with all of us tribal members who are leaders who are forwarding the message of love on planet Earth is about bringing people on our share that is inspiring us, lifting us and taking us to higher levels. And I have to tell you; I am in this divine energy. Talk about the moon, the mother, the maid and the crone. Talk about the energies of the moon and the essence of the divine feminine of the great powers that seep into the cells, into the body, from the roots, from the Earth, from the soils, from the rocks, from the rivers and the mountains. That essence of breath, that essence of the combination of words, the essence of combinations of alchemy forming magic. And that’s who I have with me today in the studio is a powerful, amazing, Empress of Magic. OK, when I say to you, really tune in to today’s share, I have in the studio. Lisa Lister, writer of ‘Love Your Lady Landscape’ and which, now, I know there’s some of you who may be thinking What? Which magic? What is this? What kind of share is this? Let me explain something to you. OK. Magic is real. And if you deny it, you deny yourself. You deny the very essence of everything that it took to make you who you are. Magic is real. Now, thank you, Lisa welcome to the show.


Lisa Lister: [00:04:53] Quite possibly the most incredible ever intro! Thank you. Thank you so much. I’m so excited to be here to share with you on your share.


Shaman Durek: [00:05:02] Oh, absolutely. So I’m learning to restructure the show to share because, you know, it’s changing it. Instead of saying, welcome to the show, it’s welcome to the share right now.


Lisa Lister: [00:05:10] We need more. We mean no honest conversations. This is good.


Shaman Durek: [00:05:15] Absolutely. I think I think what happens is a lot of people get really caught up in that very kind of radio like, welcome to the show, blah blah blah. Really, what it’s about being here and ancient wisdom is a really sharing knowledge and information that’s just straight from the heart. You know, it’s just right from the hip. You know?


Lisa Lister: Or the vagina, right?


Shaman Durek: Or the vagina! It’s Gi-gi powers, Gi-gi powers! I kid you not. People should have to say Gi-gi powers. You know, because if you look back in like old magic and everything, we were talking earlier about how you see the phallic symbol, it’s like always phallic symbol now. I mean, hey, great, the phallic symbol. It’s it’s, you know, it’s this, it’s this, this amazing, amazing tool that you know that that that fuels seed and brings life. And you know what, people? You know, I’m going to get graphic, so you just get ready. So but the Gi-gi powers is the essence of the universe. It is the inner universe that creates all of it’s the void that creates beauty and grace and life. And that’s why I always tell people when women have when they have birth, it’s literally a rites of passage.


Lisa Lister: Absolutely.


Shaman Durek: Don’t you think?


Lisa Lister: [00:06:27] Absolutely. And so we have this transmitter and the penis and we have the receiver in the power portal.


Shaman Durek: [00:06:33] Yeah. Yeah, the pussy. Yes. I love it. I love this. I love it. So first of all, I just want to say it’s because I want everyone to know. Like, I remember one day I was at this store and I saw your book sitting on the shelf and it said which, and I walked right over to it and picked it up and looked at it and said, Thank you. Thank you, goddess. I was like, and my friends like, What’s wrong with you? And I’m like, because the person who wrote this book, you don’t understand how necessary this book is right now and how necessary these words are right now. And literally, my friend was like, Oh, then I’m going to buy it right now with your friend.


Lisa Lister: [00:07:18] I love your friend. Very much


Shaman Durek: [00:07:20] Like I have this book that this book is like, I love,


Lisa Lister: [00:07:24] That is the best endorsement, by the way. Thank you very much.


Shaman Durek: [00:07:26] No, I mean, everyone should have your book, you know, and I think the reason why and I wrote this thing on Instagram and I said, I said, a witch is a woman who knows who the fuck she is? You know, and people were like, what do you mean by that? And I was like, well, you know, the truth of the matter is the energy of the witch is not just about you having an initiation or coming into being a witch. It’s about understanding that the inherent DNA of the essence of being a witch lives in women. Yes.


Lisa Lister: [00:08:02] So deep level. So deep level like you don’t have to. You don’t have to. I mean, I come from a gypsy lineage. So my background is like my dad was a Roma gypsy. My mama was an Irish traveler from an Irish traveler family. So if you know when people want to stick a label on me which they often do, then that’s one. They’re like, oh, she has heritage, she has lineage and which is great, but it’s not necessary. As women, we all have this power in our bodies. It’s at cell deep level. And it’s a remembrance for all of us, for all of us as women to remember. Like, remember the parts of us that have been dismembered?


Shaman Durek: [00:08:43] Yeah, yeah, exactly. The parts that have been dismembered. I always say when you go into any kind of relationship or you walk into anyone’s life, are you walking in whole or are you cut off your arm and your leg to make the other person happy?


Lisa Lister: [00:08:57] Oh, yes. And that’s such. And for women, especially that, you know, this is something that they do. We are so used to giving that we don’t know how to stay whole, like to how to be in this whole vessel, that this glorious, glorious goddess vessel, how to stay in it in our wholeness and claim all the parts of us back, like all the bits that have been taken from us, put in the dark, called taboo. And then we’ve all been made to be afraid of the dark. And that’s not OK. So, yeah, it’s about creating that wholeness, it is about us finding all of those parts, loving all of the bits, like the shitty bits, like the bits, that are so shame and blame filled, the dark bits, the bits that we’re mortified at the idea of anyone knowing about us. And then showing up with all of it and being like, yeah, this is me, this is me whole.


Shaman Durek: [00:09:51] Oh yes, I love that. That’s so powerful. Everyone in the tribe, do you hear that? It’s so important for us to love all the bits? Yeah, I love that. So you live in England right now?


Lisa Lister: [00:10:04] I do. I live in Glastonbury.


Shaman Durek: [00:10:06] Nice. I have. I also live in London. I live in Kensington, but I haven’t. I’ve been on the road so much. So I’ve been subletting my place in Kensington. But it’s I love London.


Lisa Lister: [00:10:18] Have you been to Glastonbury? Have you been down?


Shaman Durek: [00:10:18] I went once for when I was younger. I was living in England and I went to Glastonbury for choir. What’s it called like a festival?


Lisa Lister: [00:10:31Yeah, yeah, there is a festival there. They have like this big festival outside of Glastonbury and they take the name…


Shaman Durek: [00:10:32] Yeah, yeah, they take the name, but it’s outside. But I haven’t been in, but I wanted to…


Lisa Lister: [00:10:39] That land is like a power portal all of itself. It’s very sacred land and there’s some really gorgeous, gorgeous spaces. And it was what I was living in Malta, where there’s these incredible goddess temples. I was called there by the goddess.


Shaman Durek: [00:10:52] You were in Malta?


Lisa Lister: [00:10:54] Yeah, yeah. And then then from there she was like, ‘now you’re going to Glastonbury’ Oh my goodness, seriously. I mean, 50 plus temples that we know of to the goddess, and they’re being discovered under people’s houses every day, like just any time anyone goes to do any kind of excavation work there, ‘Oh, there you go! There’s another temple to the goddess.’ And they were these temples which were like complete replications of a woman’s reproductive system, right? They were, you know, you would go in through this vaginal canal and then you would get into this big, beautiful temple space, which was like cervix-like, you know, and it held, and it was medicine bowl, right? So like your pelvis is our medicine bowl. There were these incredible spaces where magic happened, where alchemy was made. And so then we are the replicas. You know, in women, we have that replication. We have this pelvic bowl, we have this medicine that’s made any time we come into connection with her. But so many of us unfortunately don’t. But so, yes, Malta is amazing.


Shaman Durek: [00:11:55] What do you think is the reason why so many of us don’t?


Lisa Lister: [00:11:59] We’ve been disconnected for so long? You know, I wrote, ‘Love Your Lady Landscape’ because I had spent my entire life living from the neck up, ignoring the fact that I was in this body, you know, going through a career, going for that linear career that you spoke of, you know, very masculine. It was in TV, in magazines, in publishing, going for it like, yes, this is my goal. I’ve got to do this, living a very fast paced life. And at that time, then my um, my ovaries, I got like ‘the goddess was like, she’s not listening, she is not listening’ – punch me in both ovaries because I wasn’t listening. You know, she takes you out in whatever way works. And so I was bleeding way more than I wasn’t and went to the doctors over and over and over again. And they said it took misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis because women’s health is not represented, it’s not supported in any way shape or form.


Shaman Durek: [00:12:53] No, not at all. Not at all. To me, it’s actually ridiculous, but please continue.


Lisa Lister: [00:12:59] Yeah, yeah. So I thought I would go to the doctor and after, after many, many months of misdiagnosis and just embarrassingly bleeding everywhere on friends’ sofas, then being then being found like you said that the shame of that, if you’ve not been connected to your menstrual cycle, ever, is this all of a sudden you are just bleeding everywhere. The shame. So you won’t go out, you won’t leave the house. It affected my work, I had to go freelance…


Shaman Durek: [00:13:25] Because you’re having a hemorrhaging, a heavy flow of menstrual?


Lisa Lister: [00:13:29] Bleeding way more days than I wasn’t. So, the doctor diagnosed it as endometriosis in the end. PCOS polycystic ovaries because it’s a process of elimination.


Shaman Durek: [00:13:39] They don’t know anything. But then based on symptoms and diagnosis, the symptoms, and then they categorized it based upon statistics that they found from other people’s test, which is basically not conclusive. That’s why I love, I love functional medicine.


Lisa Lister: [00:13:55] Abso-frikkin-lutely for that one. High five! Yeah, and this is it, this man in a white coat, and it was a man, gave me a piece of paper that was like A5 size, it was tiny. This is all the information you need to know because, so you must, first of all, he was talking about my womb and then he was talking about my uterus. I was twenty six. I didn’t know that they were the same thing. That is not OK. And that’s what I mean about when you ask the question why so many women are disconnected, like we don’t know ourselves, we don’t know our lady landscape. So there was firstly that then the doctor says, ‘Oh, well, you’re not going to be able to have children, so we’re just going to whip out.’


Shaman Durek: [00:14:35] Oh no!


Lisa Lister: [00:14:39] So that’s, you know, that voice, that is what my womb said! So I left, I left the doctor’s surgery that day and there’s been a ton of pain with the, you know, on the on the run up to that. But this was a different pain. There was like some fierce anger pains on that issue was like, what did literally it probably was your voice now? Rats? Yeah, it was that. Oh no. Oh no, Lisa, this is not how we’re going to roll. This is not how we’re going to roll. And then literally, I got a job. As you know, I was a journalist. I got a job that I had to go to a goddess conference in Glastonbury, and I was like, ‘Oh, no, no, no, no, no, that is not for me. I don’t wear any of that floaty, I’m not into’. I was very cynical. I worked for, you know, women’s magazines. It was like makeup and all of this stuff, right? And yeah, and so I didn’t have the I didn’t have it whipped out. Thank goodness I went to Glastonbury instead. And I went and I was with women and I witnessed this sacred land, and I was forever changed. And so I went on this what’s now been a 13 year adventure, I guess, of discovering my lady landscape. And I find in all of the ways in which I can help women to reconnect with their body because the disconnect is because we are trying so hard to show up in a linear world that’s outside our window, that’s linear, that’s masculine. That’s so like all about everything, about our society is created.


Shaman Durek: [00:16:07] The whole of society is based on the masculine perspective I’ve written in my book that comes out next year. Yeah, it’s the landscape of our planet, from our buildings to our technology, to the way that we even have the industry set up. You know, everything is based on this masculine perspective. So, what happens is people go out the door and from a masculine point of view, it’s based upon certain superficial ways of looking at a human being, versus really connecting with the human being from a spirit and an emotion and even sexually too. People will have sex with someone because they look good, but not look at their soul and their spirit and feel the essence of their being and say, ‘Well, what does that look like? You know what color is that?’


Lisa Lister: [00:16:50] Well, as so many women are having sex and making decisions about the men or any of the people that they choose to hook up with, based on, so many of them are being, they have taken the contraceptive pill. Well if we take the contraceptive pill we are numbing our experience of the rhythmic nature of being a woman and by doing that, we’re then making decisions from a from a kind of medicated place..


Shaman Durek: [00:17:12] Right?


Lisa Lister: [00:17:12] You come off that you then wonder why you’re not connected to the guy that you, you know, you know, you see this new man you have no relationship with or if it’s a woman like you’re looking at this person in a completely different way because you’re like, ‘What?’, because this is what happens. So many women come off the pill to have to have a baby. So they’ve been on the pill. They meet this guy to get in relationship with them, and then they come off the pill and then, ‘Whoa, whoa, who? Who are you?’ Yes, because they’ve reconnected back to their true nature.


Shaman Durek: [00:17:39] And this sensorium is actually starting to turn back on. Because when you do those things to yourself, because the because the Gi-gi powers is so important…


Lisa Lister: I love that!


Yeah, Gi-gi powers to the rescue! Yeah. So, you know, when you come off the Gi-gi powers, when it’s been suppressed by these medications and so forth, it actually is considered the gate of the universe. And so in shamanism, we always say that the Gi-gi powers place is the place of the inner and outer universe, right? And so when a woman is not feeling that her outer universe and her inner universe are able to communicate properly, she creates imbalances within her gi-gi, right? And it could everything from cysts to, you know, to fibroids. I mean, the list goes on….


Lisa Lister: [00:18:26] And that’s what was happening for me. You know, that’s what I found by going to study with my own gi-gi mamas, you know, who would just like to teach me how to rub wombs and then how to we can, I say all, how so many of our women’s wombs are misaligned. And yeah, you know, because of the way they’re sitting, because of the cars that they’re driving, because of the heels they’re wearing, because of the things that we put ourselves in in order to show up. And so, there’s so, there’s like so many ways in which now we are able to reconnect and they’re ancient and none of it is. And what’s more, I’m finding over and over again is that when I share this with women, I know I haven’t got any kind of, I mean, I have got some magical knowledge, but like it’s not new to me. It’s this is this is…


Shaman Durek: [00:19:15] It’s ancient wisdom, organic knowledge…


Lisa Lister: [00:19:16] Right? In our bodies?


Shaman Durek: [00:19:18] That’s what ancient wisdom is. Ancient wisdom is organic knowledge that is passed down through the essences of both blood and also the essences of the ancestors who walk this Earth before from any culture, from any tribe, that the vessel is open to receive that ancient wisdom can flow through. Yeah, and it’s in the air. I mean, we’re breathing air that has been recycled over and over from ancestors who had the same breath…


Lisa Lister: [00:19:47] Right? Oh, I love that. Just that thought for a moment.


Shaman Durek: [00:19:51] Yeah, like I can take a whiff of air outside and be breathing Cleopatra’s air.


Lisa Lister: Yeah, oh my goodness, I love Cleopatra!


Shaman Durek: That’s why I brought it up. Yeah.


Lisa Lister: [00:19:58] Thank you. She’s my girl.


She is a girl who knew how to receive, right? Cleopatra for me when I look to – when we talk about that outside energy, that kind of masculine energy, we experience that in the first half of our menstrual cycle, in the first half of the Moon cycle, when you recognize the moon is waxing and is becoming full, right? So that’s that masculine energy. Then we have this feminine energy, that is kind of, seen as dangerous, almost. So when you go into that premenstrual phase, everyone’s like, ‘Uh-oh, uh-oh!’, and that’s like the waning moon, too. So. And it’s when we trip over into the feminine energy and it’s like, this energy is where the magic really can happen and where we can practice receiving so we transmit. So that’s that penis energy, you know, we’re transmitting there and then we’re receiving like a power portal to like, let it in, like receive but know what you want to receive to right?


Shaman Durek: [00:20:57] That we need to speak on, you know, and there’s something that I thought was really interesting that we said just a little bit ago where you know, what happens is that women are not really looking at what the spirit in the soul is of the person, but they’re also looking at the characteristics of the person and they’re looking at their resume. You know, like resume dating has become very strong in today’s life where people are dating based upon certain criteria that they feel that they need, that are yearning from their emotions, which can be very much from their ego and not from their heart space. And it’s really important for us to restructure that, you know, and part of that restructuring, I always say that the heart and the gi-gi are connected, right? Yeah. So when women feel like they’re stressed out in their relationships, they just scream ‘Gi-gi powers!’, you know, like when I was a kid, I used to watch She-Ra.


Lisa Lister: [00:21:49] Oh my god, yes. I write all about this in ‘Love Your Lady Landscape’, she was like the epitome of what you’re just about to say. I know it. Tell me!


Shaman Durek: [00:21:56] No, you tell me, no, you tell me!


Lisa Lister: [00:21:58] Speak to me. Speak to me!


Shaman Durek: [00:21:59] When I was a kid, I was I was into He-Man and I wasn’t really into He-Man. I was like, Oh God, this He-Man character, he’s so full of himself with his like sword, ‘I have the power!’ I know what I’m saying. Yes and when She-Ra came on the scene that was the show that I watched, and that was the cartoon I bought. I bought all the toys and I played with her and I was like ‘She-Ra!’…


Lisa Lister: [00:22:19] Princess of Power of right?


Shaman Durek: [00:22:20] And literally, you know, when I think about the Gi-gi powers because I always thought my girlfriends because you got my girlfriends fighting with her husband. I’m like, Honey, you have to remember something. OK? He’s afraid of your gi-gi, OK? He’s afraid that one day you’ll leave him and that you’ll go off with another man who probably has more than he has or offers more than he has. Because men operate in this idea of ‘Am I good enough? Do I have enough? Do I have enough money?’ Because we antiquate our relationship based upon being able to provide and our ability to provide sexually as well. And so getting out of that space instead of getting stuck in that space, we want to get more in the heart space. And so literally, I’m like, you have Gi-gi powers. So just remember that. Always remember you have Gi-gi powers. I’m not saying use it incorrectly and and hold your vagina because I think some women who will get into arguments with their husbands that they’ll hold sex from them. I think that’s even off to you because it means that you’re not really communicating and you’re actually stopping your own energy and flow. However, you do have Gi-gi powers, and I was talking to a Muslim friend of mine and I said, ‘You know, what’s really interesting is that, you know, there’s a lot of suppression in the Muslim culture towards women. And it’s funny because of all these women were to walk out tomorrow you all wouldn’t know what to do with yourself. So you should, you should honor, you know, the women, you should honor the woman that’s in your life. All my girlfriends I have, I honor every single woman friend in my life.


Lisa Lister: [00:23:44] I can testify to that. I am blessed and I can. I can testify to that. And because and when you have examples of that, and unfortunately for so many of us as women, we don’t have examples of being revered and honored. So we don’t even know what that feels like. So if we don’t know how that feels, we don’t know how to give it to ourselves, let alone even ask for it. So I think that’s such a big part of the work is about understanding that in that second half of our menstrual cycle, when that second half of the waning and the dark moon is to recognize, like, what is it I want to receive? Like how do I want to be treated like and really get to because we never ask those questions. So ask them to yourself and recognize like, what is it? How would I want to be treated and recognize that we do have these opportunities in our menstrual cycle in the moon cycle to recognize if you don’t bleed, you know, we can use the moon cycles to try to map that and to really see the energy rise and then the energy fall. And you know, that’s when our hormones rise in the in that masculine section and then on that kind of in the feminine energy, our hormones kind of come back and they lower, and that’s for a reason because it’s calling us in. It’s calling us back home to ourselves, to our body to recognize. And that’s where I well, I now realize about my own journey is that I was forever. I’m using that masculine energy of my own and not recognizing that I needed to rest, that I needed to receive and then understand and how to nourish this body that I’m in instead of berate it. Because, you know, there’s so many sticks to pick up and beat ourselves with. The society is like quite happily handed over to us and gone. ‘Here you go’. And of course, not to stay in that space, but do recognize it first, you know, because we can’t heal unless we feel it. So feel it. Recognize that like what is it? What do we need? Like where you’re you not being nourished? Where are you not getting the pleasure you want? Where are you not asking for what you need and then communicating that with the men in our lives, whether that’s our son not being able to like, clean his room because like, you know, you’re premenstrual and light, your energy levels are low and you’re just asking him to help out. But if he knows that about you and you’re not just like nagging at him, like the, you know, something about yourself, then we educate the dudes in our lives. And then the dudes are empowered to know that, OK, our women are not consistent, and inconsistency is such a frickin good thing. And again, another thing to be berated for.


Shaman Durek: [00:26:08] Oh, can I have a high five on that? Yes, because I see that so much with women. And I think also, I mean, first of all, I just want to say I’m I’m completely so overjoyed and honored and blessed and I. Part of me feels like crying right now because I’m so happy that we’re here. The meantime, we’ve been wanting to make this happen for so long, and I haven’t come back to England for a while because I’ve been, like, pulled over through to the States and stuff. But it’s so nice to have to be here in Majorca with you. And so, you know, and it’s good, it’s going to make me emotional and I’m just going to be OK with that. You know, it’s very challenging for me to watch women degrade themselves and not ask for what they need. You know, I see a lot of women having birth and suffering in their in their birthing process because they didn’t set up, you know, they didn’t ask for what they needed, really. They just accepted what was a given. And that’s not enough anymore, you know, and women really have to, you know, ask for what they need. We are not, you know, we’re living at a different time now where there’s more women that you can speak to through sisterhood to be able to assist you. And there are men right now who are waking up, who are stepping into that heart space because I know a lot of men who listen to this show and they’re listening to this share. And, you know, even for them, it’s about how do we, as men cultivate a world that invites women into the world that that has been built masculine and be able to create a safe container for them to begin to express themselves without fear? Oh right. To step into a recognition of self without it saying, there’s it’s a man’s world, but step into it. It’s an our our world together and having a container for women to express themselves. Because I always say, like when men say women are crazy or they can’t handle that is because men have shut down their emotional capacity for that awareness of emotional intelligence. So when a woman gets emotional, we immediately clam up and get upset. We get our knickers in a bunch, as you would say, you know, because we can’t handle emotional content, because the moment we do, we start reflecting back on our mothers and thinking how we couldn’t help our mothers when they were emotional. So how we’re going to help you. So immediately we push you away, or we may shut you down to stop something that really has nothing to do with us. And it has all to do with you and your needs and what’s coming up for you emotionally. And you’re not telling us that we’re bad people. What you’re telling us is that there’s an emotional imbalance and literally we need to learn that as men and then we’re listening to this share. I really encourage you to really to learn more about emotional intelligence, and you’ll learn a lot about it. In other podcasts that I would do, but really get into that space because women are the only ones on this planet who were given the rights by the spirits, by the ancients, by the elders, by creation, by God to bring life. And that’s that means that they have achieved a certain level of acknowledgment in the spirit world that they are able to bring life, nurture life and. And offer their vessels up to have life, it’s not a punishment, I know one thing that used to irritate me a lot, at least that was when I was a kid growing up and I listen to religious people, talk about Adam Eve, and they would talk about how Eve’s punishment for eating the apple was that she had to be go through, you know, menstruation in that she had to go through pain and suffering to, you know, to be to because that was her punishment from God. And I looked and I looked at it in a very different way because when I asked the spirits, they told me that the apple was the apple of knowledge. Yes, she chose it first. So therefore, the Apple Gomora became the first of the Lilith became the first energy form that has come in and said, I am the transformational form of consciousness. So therefore that consciousness expanded through her and this is what gave her the ability to bring life to her because she has the ability to create life in her body. So her vessel holds the knowledge of all of the ancients, all of the ability of creation. So she’s able to create. And the knowledge of that essence was a reward given by her essence, by the her choosing to want to see what it would be like to be a god and therefore became the goddess and therefore the rivers flowed. The trees, you know, brought fruit and abundance, and all of that was connected. And the Earth reveled in the nature of her spirit because she was willing to be the ever giving essence of life. And that’s a huge responsibility, man. Mm hmm. OK. It’s a huge responsibility to be the ever giving essence of life. That means that you’re always in giving mode. There’s never a moment where you’re not in giving mode. It always in giving mode and receiving mode and always in giving mode and literally the understanding of risk. Receiving was always receiving the seed to be the giver to give the apples to oranges, the fruits that the grass and night the Earth gives and gives and gives and gives women giving, giving, giving gifts that we call them the eternal givers. And so that’s why it’s important for us to to be stewards of this, of this nature, of giving right. And as we are stewards to the nature of giving of women, we become stewards of the nature of giving up Earth because the mother of the divine mother, Gaia, right up the divine essence is also this planet is also a feminine essence. That’s why the reverence of women and the planet earth are connected, and that’s what creates the which


Lisa Lister: [00:32:21] the maligned female inmate and every other person on this planet is bound to that.


Shaman Durek: [00:32:28] Thank you. Yeah, it’s very strong, it’s been strong with me since I was young, and I remember and I hear religious people say that and women would be like, Oh yes, you know, yes, it was, it was a sin and this and that, and I was just like, Oh, I’m going to throw up all over the all over the the church floors. You know, I just like, I’m going to I’m gagging right now. I’m literally gagging. And people would say to me, is something wrong with you? And it’s just like, This is, this is crazy what you’re talking right now. This is crazy.


Lisa Lister: [00:32:59] Complete rewriting of the story, right? And just to hear you kind of re establishing realigning that story back to the truth is where. And I’m so hoping that everyone who is listening is able to have felt those words deep in their womb space. And if you haven’t got a womb, there will be an energetic imprint of that, you know, so feel it in there. Those words are truth. They’re all of our truth. And we remember that the men won’t be so scared. They won’t be so fearful of that power because that’s how we got in this position in the first place. Why is that men were fearful of that ever giving power of the fact that a woman could give birth and feed her child on a boob in the next you? But it was this incredible life out of her body and then place it on her boob and then provide it with milk


Shaman Durek: [00:33:47] and be a warrior


Lisa Lister: [00:33:48] and still have a shield and a sword


Shaman Durek: [00:33:51] and glass cutlery, and be able to kick some serious ass apps of her to protect her, her church, her children and her and her and her her whole entire family.


Lisa Lister: [00:34:01] Yeah, absolutely. And I think that’s where we, as women need to recognize that we are a powerful force and that the men in our lives are able to witness that when we ask for what we need is and I mean, it’s going to take some navigating right is going to take a little bit of it’s going to take a whole ton of big hearted compassion for each other as we navigate this, this path, this this new old, you know, and it’s not like and what I keep speaking about often is that we’re not looking to have a matriarch. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about this new time. This new space that we’re in right now is about us having this deep reverence and respect for each other and the and the power and the and the incredible love that is available to us right now instead of this is constant and recognizing where we are being played against each other all the time in all the ways and then being able to say, Right, OK, how can we support each other? How can we be there for that? So for men to be able to say, like, how can I be there for you? Like, what do you need for women to be able to stop for five minutes and and not feel guilty? Because I speak to so many women and there’s so much guilt around taking time for themselves, like a meditation, for instance, like, oh oh then, and then if they do do the meditation, they’re not doing it right because they haven’t been able to shut off because they’re too busy thinking about their to do list or the shopping or the kid or the or the this or the that. And this, it’s like, OK, the shame, the blame they’ve all been given to us. They’ve all been neighbors and and you don’t have to accept them anymore. Not enough to accept


Shaman Durek: [00:35:36] any of them. The dark ages are over. Yeah. You know, and you want to live in the dark ages and that’s your choice. But you don’t have to. You know, I was walking down the street in England and a friend of mine who she is pregnant and she was carrying like all these bags and her man was there, he was just walking ahead of her. I said, Honey, can I grab these bags for you? And she goes, No, no, no, it’s OK. I said, No, can I grab these bags from you? Right? She was wow. She goes, Yeah, she goes, I love that about you, Shaman Durek. You always a man of valor and kindness. And, you know. And I said, it’s not any of those things, my dear. It’s a simple thing, which is you are in the process of giving bringing life right. Yes, I am not going to. I’m going to ease your burden in any which way I can. And even if you weren’t giving life, I would still ease your burden because just you. Even if you are not bringing life to your vessel, the fact that you exist on this planet as a female, you have been giving so much since you were a little girl. Yes. Let me ease some of that burden for you. Let me take hold of some of that pressure that you have that has been pressing upon you and give you some sustenance back because it’s so important, you know, and I think I think what happens, I think if men become more stewards in the nature of their being, of knowing that the very thing that they adore and like the most is to be getting that energy from women. How what what makes you think you can drink from a well without filling it back up?


Lisa Lister: [00:37:06] Exactly, exactly. And women know that you need to fill your own well to. Because you can’t keep them from a from a well, that’s empty. No, and you mustn’t you must think because that’s how we get the disconnect. That’s how we get the burnout. That’s how we get the anxiety. That’s how we get into the place where so many women are like the well is empty because it’s been taken or it’s been given. And it’s like, now what nourishes you? What nourishes you? And that, for me, is just the key for so many women right now in pregnancy. And also, if you don’t mind, I’d really like to just say that the whole thing about. So many sticks to be ourselves with the pregnancy and giving birth and creating life like, no, that that’s not just about babies, that’s not just about that space is for creative ideas, is for books and projects and and all the possibilities that it’s like and this is the genius of it is that is an infinite space of possibility because in the same way as you know, it’s like the cosmic womb you were talking about being in the void, like in the void. Anything is possible. So in that moment, anything is possible. And so knowing that space is is able to create anything and so don’t pick up a stick and beat us up. If for some reason you are not here to birth a baby this lifetime? Yes. Why there’s so much else to be here to mother to create. And so when I speak of the mother archetype, I speak at the create tricks because you can make music, you can dance, you can read again the creative Oh, and then I can create text, create checks. Oh my god. That’s it, right? That is just remembering that we are creating excess that we are able we create from planets we create. Yes, you know, it’s all possible. It is possible from that space. And that’s where we have to come into. That’s why it is when you when you’re saying like Gi-gi powers, like, yes, at the end of every workshop, I ask women to place their hands on their womb space and call back their power now for themselves and then do a collective. We call backup power now for our sisters and brothers, for everyone to recognize that we are all calling back up power to that space so that we have some recognition for the for the whole pelvic bowl space that our chemical bowl where we make our medicine.


Shaman Durek: [00:39:32] And that’s so interesting that you call it a ball because in African shamanism, we call it a ball as well. Yeah, it’s very powerful culture. Yeah, exactly what it is. Yeah, a lot of the work that I do with women as well is helping women to achieve orgasmic consciousness and orgasmic sensation in their bodies. So what I do is I stand across the room and in ancient Egypt. When I was a pharaoh, I was known as Iman Ra. I used to go to the temples and where the priestess is, where and what the priestess is used to do is that they would line themselves in, you know, they would bathe themselves and they would eat and then they would go through fasting and then they would eat and they would then they would bring oils and frankincense and myrrh and all these beautiful, wonderful things into the temple. And they would burn it at all the different color baster pillars they would. Every alabaster pillar had a burning of these different herbs and stuff, and they would lay themselves down on these these cloves, and they would call the spirits to make love to them, and the spirits would come and make love to them. And they would have these multiple orgasms of just letting spirit make love to them. Yeah, and then then they would have they would do a sacrifice and then they would have men that chosen men to come in and they would have these intense orgies to build their power and their energy after they made love to the spirits. Because what it did was it expanded their G-spot inside of them. The G-spot wasn’t just this one area, it was the whole Gi-gi powers. Yes, it was right. And so one of the things that I do a lot of work on in this life and some women, you know, I’ve had worked on and they didn’t like it and, you know, because they were scared of it and whatever, and there’s a man in the room who’s doing this. But I have I’ve known a lot in my work all over Turkey and a lot of Muslim women, a lot of countries where women have been suppressed. If I lay the woman out and I open up the Egyptian powers and I call the spirits of the priestesses used to have come in and they make love to these women in my sessions and these women start moaning and going through orgasm and they start having these multiple orgasms and then expands their G-spot to become a part of their whole Gi-gi powers. And then I get these letters from women all over the world who are like, I made love to my husband. The moment he touched me, I started having orgasms like all this energy, and I said, every time you’re having an orgasm, you’re birthing new universes. Yes, you are. And we don’t know what people don’t realize is that what happens on the physical affects the spiritual. What happens in the spiritual affects the physical. There is a bridge, a united energy force. And so magic. You know, the reason why magic isn’t you just see it in Harry Potter and you see it in all these different things. And I want to talk a little bit into that is that, you know, people think that magic is just like, OK, you are going to make this glass move across the room and like, you know, you do like, skip it, lip, you know, and you’re like casting something by the wand and all of a sudden someone’s going to turn into a frog. It’s it’s more on, in essence base. And like, yes, you can generate powers like I teach people in my workshops that you can generate, like electricity, fire, you can change. You can bring the air spirits to blow on you. You can have your animal spirit take form in your body and you will literally be. That animal and shape shift, however, the essence of you’re being shaped shifts you met your face may start looking to people like like friends, I can shapeshift into a Jaguar. My face can start looking like a Jaguar, but my hands are going to turn into paws. But my essence is and so when people experience me, they’ll experience a Jaguar and they’ll be like, Wow, you seem your energy is like a Jaguar. I got intense cat because I’m, you know, shaping and it gives me power of that Jaguar. So a lot of times people are looking and they, you know, they don’t understand that, you know, like even like right now, these days, I’ve been practicing, I’m learning how to move things with my mind and, you know, get to that space and breaking down all the subconscious and unconscious barriers that says it’s not possible. And I literally kid you not magic is real. And what? What I love about that we human beings don’t even see it. Is that a woman giving birth? Is magic? A woman having orgasm is magic. A woman who’s able to walk in the room and sense every possible danger and be able to reward people, her friends, her family and her children from those possible dangers if we just let her be. Is magic right? You know, men, we have magic and us as well. Men have the ability to see structural forms and energies and information that is allowing us to see the progression forward through what we see and experience. These are magical energies. We all have magic inside of us, you know, and yet we dial it down to being human, right?


Lisa Lister: [00:44:17] How dull. Good job. You use that word doll.


Shaman Durek: [00:44:21] So there’s no doubt it’s the doll now,


Lisa Lister: [00:44:26] but it’s true. And I think so. I mean, and just talking about orgasm. This is the, for me, the best magic that I the I share is that, you know, we in in the orgasm, you know, on the way to orgasm and you know, you’re about to come. That’s when you manifest like that is when you manifest delay like there’s no other spouse you need. You can be doing that on your own. You can be doing that with a partner. But make sure your you know, when when you’re doing that, just know that. Don’t be just like looking to get to a place like use that energy, use that energy to call and exactly what it is you want.


Shaman Durek: [00:45:00] Yes, I tell men that as well to, you know, yeah, it’s like, you know, we’ll say, OK, you know, I masturbate. I said, When you masturbate, OK, or I tell women, you’re with their man, or if it’s a man and a man, you know, like, I help this one couple. Once I did this session where these two guys and they were like, you know, being intimate with each other. And I said, when you do that, you need to talk to you when he’s getting turned on. If it’s a woman and a man, a woman and a woman, a man and a man, it doesn’t matter if it’s when you’re in that sense of that energy. Your second chakra as they talk in Hindu culture, right in the Sanskrit, you’re outside the asana and in the shamanism, and it’s basically known as the place of the inner birthing of power and magic. Right. And so it’s your place that creates wealth. It’s the place that brings you wellbeing. It’s a place that connects you with certain types of people. It’s the place that connects you with essence. It’s the place that holds your highest level of sensorium. It’s the place where you can access your power of awareness beyond the senses of the mind, but into the deep understanding of deep magic in the world. Like literally, I teach students how to tap into deep magic where you sit between death and life and you’re in the center of death and life. And literally, when you are actually stroking yourself, man, or you’re having someone stroke you or give you, you know, fellatio blowjob however you want to interpret it, some people say you should use more medical words. So I’m going to say fellatio, but I also say blowjobs. I’ll give both worlds. The thing is, when you’re doing that right is to say to the man or say to yourself, I am so powerful when I walk into the room, I’m an Adonis. Energy flows through me. I’m a healer. I’m healing people as they come near me or within my field of consciousness. You can do all of these things, you can say. Prosperity is constantly flowing to me. I’m creating new opportunities and new doorways, and it works.


Lisa Lister: [00:47:02] It really does. It really does.


Shaman Durek: [00:47:05] And people wonder why people danced around the cauldron when women danced around the cauldron.


Lisa Lister: [00:47:09] And this is the thing. When we talk about all these forms of magic, it’s it’s like, no, that you don’t need to get a little cauldron off eBay and call that magic cry. This is this is like using our bodies and recognizing that we are chemical tools like we are the our chemical tool, you know, and especially for women. I know that your menstrual cycle, for example, is an alchemical tool. It’s a space where you get to witness life and death every you know when you bleed. That is your experience of death each and every month so that we are able to prepare like the people in our lives. Women would, you know? Women and tribes would bleed so that for their tribes, so women, you know, so the the the the tribe and the community would come to the to the wise woman and say, you know, this is happening and this is happening and this is happening. And then when she bled, that would be the cleanse that she would bleed onto the land. And that would be the cleansing of those of the problems. And and then and then the healing would be happening. And that was like a mini death for the body is just every month we get to experience our ego death. So women have that. Men don’t have that. And so that’s, you know, that’s part of some of the stuff that’s going on


Shaman Durek: [00:48:19] in the world. Absolutely, absolutely. Let’s talk about the moon cycles. What is what is and what is the best time to do what on what moon cycle? Oh, OK, tell


Lisa Lister: [00:48:31] us about that. So you mean the moon or menstrual cycle?


Shaman Durek: [00:48:34] Let’s do that. We’ll talk about that as well. Let’s talk


Lisa Lister: [00:48:36] soon. So they both reflect each other anyway. So the so the ovulation and pre ovulation is the waxing moon. And so that’s the time to when see this as potential. So the pre ovulation phase is when you’ve just stopped bleeding, your hormones are rising. So that’s when the moon is just like a little sliver in the sky and it’s starting to start to grow. And that’s the archetype of the maiden. And that’s when we are frisky is when we can take risks like these, when you know that that’s a phase when we can really, yeah, try things out there to be different and be courageous in ways that we wouldn’t have been before. Then we move into the full moon, which is the create trick phase of the full moon is. So if you’re going to have orgasms, then use that use that time to really, like, bring in the magic and call in exactly what it is you want because under a full moon, that’s when you manifest. That’s when I manifested my hot Viking. That’s when I manifested it. Like, you know, everything I have in this life was manifested under a full moon. You let go of any shit that no longer serves you. You get super clear, get soup. And you know, this is when we practice these, these scales of clarity of discernment. And we’re like, OK, what is it I actually want? What is it I no longer need? And at that full moon or our ovulatory phase in our own menstrual cycle, this is when, like some really powerful magic can happen is when you can be seen is when you’re most articulate, too. So it’s also when you’re able to, you know, if you’re going to have an interview show up, then you know, like make sure you book an interview, dates for a full moon or for when you’re when you’re ovulating, because that is when you will be your your most potent. So that’s the first half. And that’s says I was talking about earlier, the masculine energy. And then we move into the feminine energy. We move so in, not create tricks phase. We think like, yeah, we’re queen of the universe. We can do all of this amazing things because we can. And then we drop into this hormones start to drop if we want our menstrual cycle. But we also come into this premenstrual phase, and that’s when I call it charmed and dangerous nights, when we’re charmed and it’s also when we’re dangerous. Society sees us as dangerous in this part, and it’s the part when some people call that in the face of being a woman perimenopause again. When you’re just talking about medical phases, medical phrases, it’s like they’re so archaic. So I mean, I love that people want you to use them, but it’s like, You kidding me? They ain’t made for love. They are not made for love. So like calling something perimenopause and then making women then fearful of this time because it means, like if they have another kid, they’re like, Oh, no, I’m perimenopause or or they’re just coming into the condom because they’re not because they’ve not been prepared and they’ve not been revered as a woman. So they they get fearful about coming into menopause. So this phase in a woman’s life is also plays out. And it’s no wonder because of how we treat women in this phase of their life that that phase of their premenstrual phase is is so tricky for so many women. It’s when they experience the most pain and dis ease. But that’s when we get like, we’ve got no, we’ve got no filter in that face that we’ve got and it no shits to give them like we are we. That is when you will be able to edit life, everything like the things that happened in the first half of the cycle that you might have let pass. When we get to that premenstrual phase, when we get to that waning moon, we’re like, no clear out, clear out. And then you start to clear use it, use it with for good because you can clear out everything you no longer need. And that’s when we can do. You know if. And also, this is not a time to start any kind of like crazy diet or any kind of way of eating. I’ll be like, I’m going to start a new running thing. Like, That’s when you start that back on that waxing moon back on that pre-occupation phase, because here is where you let go. And this is about letting go


Shaman Durek: [00:52:37] in the way, in the way, in the waning. Yeah, in the waning, in the waning. Yeah. And and that’s funny because in for men. It’s about men being able to let go of their attachments. Yes, and let go of their stress, their anger, and they really withhold themselves from from sex.


Lisa Lister: [00:52:55] Interesting. I love


Shaman Durek: [00:52:56] that. Yeah. So there’s is a part of like, you know, taking an abstinence with yourself to replenish your energy. And then in and then in the waxing is the time that they can be. A lot of times men don’t even realize that right before the full moon comes, we get super horny like alcohol. Call my buddies like I’m so horny right now. I can’t even take it like we become horndog. Go check the moon. I say like, Oh, you know, it’s important. And then also to like, which is really great too, is using your menstrual blood, you know, in your rituals.


Lisa Lister: [00:53:29] Yes. When you come into that face, though, from premenstrual, you move into menstruation, which is the dark moon, which is the that phase there, which is like full. It is like fully letting go in and then using that blow. It’s like, so in any way, like make art with it, you know, really get to know. It’s hard to know what color it is to write and know that that’s the face. And so when you act like this is when you are the oracle. So, you know, you have all of these powers throughout the whole entire phase. But like this is when your oracular kind of powers are at their height, you know their height. So use them to really like as you bleed. Don’t make any big decisions. Don’t take any big actions, either, but just recognize that this is a great time for that end and use the blood like if anyone knows if you, you know, if you grow herbs, if you grow plants, I put that blood on those herbs, put that blood on those plants because you will notice the difference. And Sam and do it with, then use it in, you know, use it in your food, get familiar with it, get really familiar with it and don’t be scared of it as women, but also as men like those first couple of days. If you are bleeding, then I personally would recommend that you stay like for being priestess, like in your temple. Use that as sacred, but they should be moving forward. They invite you to invite people in to play. If you’re in a relationship, you know, invite because that is a sacred time. That is a sacred time and like sex around around menstruation is, you know, again, because we’ve been told is dirty. We don’t want to be messy. We don’t want to. We don’t want to get all caught up in is like, actually, this is so powerful.


Shaman Durek: [00:55:08] I wanted to discuss something because I know you’ve been getting a lot of people coming at you in very aggressive ways.


Lisa Lister: [00:55:17] You cannot write a book code, which you have to anticipate a little


Shaman Durek: [00:55:20] backlash like, Oh, trust me, I get back. So I’m so good. People are thinking that I think it’s OK to shame, blame women and stuff. And that’s not even what I’m saying. Are you kidding me? No. Yeah, like, I did a thing with my friend Danny Katz on the on the podcast, and we were talking about, you know, women stuff we’re giving understanding to the women stuff of that, you know, about the whole MeToo and everything, right? But not from the place of staying using victim, using the victim. This to have a voice. But using the victim’s story to educate. Yes. You know, not sit there and complain about why life is miserable for you as a woman. Yeah. And to use that as a woe is me. What was me? Woe is me. I’m this hurt and depressed person. You can express that, but express it through empowerment, which is empowering yourself to share that with your sisterhood. Share that with other men. Share that with the planet, but not to the point where you become an aggressive energy with it and then men. Because like right now, I can tell you all my male buddies and we just talked about it the other day and all my men friends on the table and I was talking to it with a bunch of women on the table, and I told my friends, I said, Yeah, a lot of men right now don’t want to date women right now because they’re afraid of this whole energy. And then women looked like perplexed on the table and my male buddies. That to mean they’re like, It’s true, you know, because right now that energy is not being utilized in the right way. The conversation is not being had. It’s being had from a you hurt me, you did me wrong, and now I’m going to come at you with aggression. And then anytime a man says anything, he’s immediately thrown in that box as well when he’s the probably the most biggest woman supporter.


Lisa Lister: [00:56:53] I think that’s so tricky because the anger and frustration has not been allowed to be there. So, so many people, so many women specifically are finding it like that that finally, there’s a space for them to make make some noise and to really be heard. But when they’ve been censored in silence for so long. But if the discernment and it’s the we can’t stay in that place, we can’t stay in that place if we’re going to move forward.


Shaman Durek: [00:57:15] Yeah, I mean, it’s great. I want I want you to be here, of course. It’s just that let’s be heard. Share the knowledge and information with the tribe and then ask the tribal members, What can I do? Yes, to strength and power lift shift and be able to to step into a higher reality of consciousness for myself that supports me as a woman and supports me and my community as a woman. You know, I think it’s very important. So I know you’ve been getting a lot of a lot of flak from from the community of people out there who just don’t really understand certain things, and I want to talk on it. You do. Of course I do. So tell me what has been, what has been showing up for you because I really want to dove in this.


Lisa Lister: [00:58:01] OK, so I I, as you’ve heard, I speak about wombs. I speak about periods. I speak about menstruation. I speak about the power that’s held in our womb space as a as a woman. And so I use that word because I want to. I want women to take ownership of the fact that they are woman and that we recognize that our powers are powers and that they are to be revered by ourselves and by those around us. Unfortunately, there are some people that are not cool with me talking about wombs and women in the same in the same sentence. I find it tricky that I. Yeah, I do that right. Find it, they find it tricky the the I say women are women with WIMPs and I’m not saying that. I’ve never said that. But you know, I find, you know, my work is predominantly with women, with worms. I won’t change.


Shaman Durek: [00:59:01] There’s a pigeon in the window


Lisa Lister: [00:59:03] that’s come to say,


Shaman Durek: [00:59:03] Hi. Do you know what Pigeon stands for and


Lisa Lister: [00:59:06] tell


Shaman Durek: [00:59:06] me? So Pigeon basically means dispelling the truth. Are talking about things? Yeah, are things that are uncomfortable, that need to be heard. There we go. And dispelling the truth and the pigeon is looking in the window and the window is considered a looking glass. Right? And so it’s basically saying that this energy is looking from behind into the window, which means that this isn’t being talked about enough.


Lisa Lister: [00:59:32] And it isn’t because everyone’s too scared to speak any anyone about any of it, whether we’re talking about anything right now, whether it’s about women’s rights, whether it’s about race, whether it’s about anything, everyone’s too scared to speak because no one will have a conversation with love because everyone’s a bit angry. Understatement underlined five times. And so, so you know, I my work here, this lifetime is to support women and rise in bass and rooted rising, by the way.


Shaman Durek: [01:00:02] Me too, right? Yes. And so for men and to support men, too?


Lisa Lister: [01:00:07] Well, exactly, exactly. But when women haven’t had a voice for so long? Yes. When women haven’t, you know, have been silenced, censored when their stories haven’t been told. This is what I told him, which, you know, this is the part. There’s a chapter where I speak of the how it was and how we were all burned and how we were, you know, burned, hung around. You know, I’m simply for being women, not for being witches. That was a word they used to describe us. Yes, it was like a genocide. You know, it wasn’t like so. So. And you know, I’ve done this lifetime many times as as a wise witch woman, whatever label you want to give. And so the only label I will accept right now is woman. For myself, that’s the only label anyone can put on me. So, yeah, that’s so there’s some, you know, there’s some communities and you know, there’s some in the transgender community. There’s lots and certain tiny, tiny little groups who are not cool with me doing this work.


Shaman Durek: [01:01:13] Well, you know, it’s OK. They can be uncool if they want. But here’s the reality of it all, you know, and I was having this conversation with my ancestors. The reality is, is that you can have your body parts changed and you can feel, you know, they say, like, you know, I hear a lot of times people say, Well, I, my soul is a woman. Yeah, well, your spirit is a woman. Your soul is the creator. So I really want to kind of identify that your soul, which is your inner child, is creation playing as a child to get you to love it and come back to it. And we don’t want when people say, Oh, I have a hurt inner child. It’s not that your child is really hurt. It’s your child has an energy it’s been holding on to you, which is your creator. The creator of you is holding on to energy that you haven’t brought back into love. So it’s asking you to return back to that place of vulnerability within yourself and discover it. But what happens is, is that, you know, like, for instance, I use myself as an example to use myself as an example. I lived many lifetimes as a female, and a lot of my male friends will always say to me, I feel so comfortable with you because I can feel your feminine energy. It’s so sensual and connected, but you’re a guy, so I feel like I can open up and talk to you, you know? And it’s interesting because I’ve lived a couple of lives as a man. One was in Egypt, the other one was in Persia, and then I lived as a man in the country. Like as a country, I lived like a very simple life on a farm and died a very short. I lived a short life on the farm, but I had a horse and I was living in that western time. And then other lifetimes, I’ve been a female. I was a female. I was, you know, murdered in Spain by the church, considered a which had my tongue cut out. My mouth sort of raped by all these soldiers and then token with a bunch of women in a wagon to or top of a mountain with a cross and stones to our feet and thrown in the ocean. Another lifetime again, you know, taken out of my home at night, but the door kicked in by soldiers pulled out of my bed wearing my white gown and my family, you know, taken out of my place because of me being sexual with someone in town. And they decided to to point the finger at me as being a witch and burned, burned alive. And then I was the concubine in one life and I was a geisha and another. So I have very clear knowledge of, you know, being a woman. And when I chose this body, when I came into this body, when I remember when I was going to decide and they asked me, You know, do you want to be male or female? So to carry out what you came to do? As I looked at it with all of the elder spirits. The great council, the reason why I chose to come as a man is because and I chose to come as a black man is because of the nature, because I have a feminine, I’m a composite being. I have a masculine and feminine spirit. That means two different spirits have chosen to serve within one body. So I have the male energies of those essences of those male lifetimes, and I have the women essences and both of them were in this body together, and we’ll talk about that more when we get into my other things about past life. But did you sum it up for you? I am very feminine and I’m but I’m also, but I look masculine, and reason why I came black was because I knew that Black was going to be a big issue for people on the Earth at this time. And so I came as as the vulnerable, loving, nurturing black man that is so out of context of what people would think a black man would be. You know, and then having a feminine nature. So then when men touch me, they’re like, Oh my god, wow, you’re so nurturing. And when women around me, they’re like, Wow, you get me. Of course I get you, girl. I used to have a D.J. power. Yeah, you know that I know, you know, like I remember one time my girlfriends at the Masego. I think you know me better than I know myself. I’m like, Honey, why aren’t you taking these crystals, baby? And laying in bed and taking the ghee and putting it on your vagina and rubbing it in circles to clean all that magnetic energy out of there? I’m like, here, I made you some moon water. She’s like, What’s that? I’m like Moon Water. I put it under the moon last night. It has the magnetic energy. It’s going to balance your hormones and do all these things. And so it really does. I just thought, you know, yeah, did you did you end up doing it? Oh, no, I do it.


Lisa Lister: [01:05:21] Yeah, yeah. My nan taught me from a very young age.


Shaman Durek: [01:05:23] Yeah, yeah, I’m doing my moon. Water comes from my other lifetimes. I used to make moon water all the time for the women in the villages. I am a man. And yes, I have a feminine woman and I have a powerful queen, a powerful goddess that lives inside of me. But I also have a powerful king that’s inside of me as well. And we are one together. We are synergize team that works in the honor of both men and women to see our planet evolves. And there comes a time in our evolution when the feminine and masculine will merge into the Great Fifth, The Fifth Element. And those ideas are feminine in mass, then will no longer exist. And what will exist is the spirit. Mm hmm. So.


Lisa Lister: [01:06:05] Oh, thank you


Shaman Durek: [01:06:07] for those for those of you who want to go after my my sweet least, I know you’re dealing with Shaman. Very. And I don’t play.


Lisa Lister: [01:06:15] No, you don’t. And Justin, I agree. Like, I’m in such love and for everyone. I just really know there is a space and place for the work that has to happen before we can get to, before we can get, you know, we have to allow there to be some unraveling and people to mess up and for people to like, find the right language as well, because that’s what’s is happening. We can’t just keep pointing fingers at each other like everyone is trying to do the good work, right? Like, so let’s just find a way in which we can. You know, I am so open to discussion. I’m so open to be an educated and to. But also please in that really have some reverence for the work that is happening regarding the womb because that is a power portal.


Shaman Durek: [01:07:04] Yes. I want to share this thing that I wrote on Instagram with you before we come to the end of the show. I wrote a which is a woman who knows she is powerful fact. There was laughter, her deep within the forest. They knew the truth about life and what was really going on. They danced naked because they knew they were goddesses and they loved their bodies as they loved the Earth. They were one with nature and its medicine. They knew what to eat and what to take to bring health and wellness and vitality. They were not afraid of judgment or the ridicule of others where they knew their power and they knew what they were capable of doing. They followed the moon and they honored each other’s cycles. They brought healing wherever they went. They love their children and taught them the ways of the Earth and spirit. They’re not afraid to stand in the face of adversity. Even when people were scared of the magic and knowledge that they held what they could do and how they manifest and how they loved and how they healed each other. They were burned. They were hung. They were dropped off cliffs with stones tied to their feet because they were powerful and misunderstood. Today they are many, and they cannot be stopped. If you relate to any of these things that I have said, you are one of them women stewards of the Earth bring forth the awakening of tomorrow laugh, cackle loud sisters.


Lisa Lister: [01:08:27] Oh, my goodness. Yes, yes, 100 times, yes, under it, a million times, yes, yes. Thank you. Thank you for sharing those words. Thank you for witnessing the which is. Because they are powerful, you know, and that we will. But don’t we also recognize that there are warlocks that there are? And I mean, at no point have I ever said that, you know, I witnessed and I acknowledge all of that, but I am also really, really strong and in my power that that we have to revere


Shaman Durek: [01:09:00] the which I always say that a male which is one who’s in touch with the feminine and honors the goddess. Yes. Not just I’m a male which and I do magic. And you have no feminine side to you than you really are, not what you call yourself to be. You know, I honestly believe that magic and shamanism cannot be touched unless you embrace both feminine and masculine so that you can pass through all the different realms of consciousness. I, when I come across, I’m very overly masculine shaman. I just don’t believe that they’re a shaman. And I come across a man who’s like, Oh, I’m a witch, but he’s super masculine and whatever. Then I just can’t believe it. Because to be any of those things, you must honor the divine goddess. You must honor the moon and Sun, you must honor the rituals and rites and passages. And those things can only be honored when you step into the feminine and masculine balance and the nature of all spirit.


Lisa Lister: [01:09:47] Can we get all the high fives for that so emotive? Be so motivating? Mm hmm. And so it isn’t. So it is. So is. Oh, my goodness.


Shaman Durek: [01:09:58] So how can people get in touch with you?


Lisa Lister: [01:10:01] Oh my goodness. I have a website called the sassy chez dot com. And I’m on Instagram as at the not at sassy Lisa Lister.


Shaman Durek: [01:10:10] I love it. I love it and tell them the two books that they can. They can get.


Lisa Lister: [01:10:14] Well, it’s technically three. There’s Code Red, which is just about the menstrual cycle. There’s Love Your Lady landscape, and there’s which


Shaman Durek: [01:10:20] three books that look at that. That’s in itself, right? There is a grand prize, right? Trinity Trinity of Code Red. How amazing. You know, the whole thing about is really funny because I wrote something on Instagram about how my when my sister had her, her menstrual cycle and my father, like, grabbed this jacket and covered up made it seem like it was just really disgusting. Horrible thing. And I wrote about it and literally wrote about in your book. I wrote about it, about amazing. It’s also in my book as well. Incredible. Next year it talks about, you know, it’s called honor that I know the cycles. So, yeah, so, you know, literally it was this, you know, I felt like, why is she being shamed right now by my dad when this is a part of life? And why are women walking in the rooms whispering, like, Do you have a tampon? Does anyone have a tampon to their sister? So it’s was like, Does anyone have a tampon? Yeah, like just this is reality, right? And man needs it’s up getting all like skirmish around like these things. You know, this is what made you dude


Lisa Lister: [01:11:20] old conditioning, though, isn’t it? I mean, after all, we know we’re all in it together, unpacking all of this


Shaman Durek: [01:11:26] rubble, blood on you and power


Lisa Lister: [01:11:28] on this across your face.


Shaman Durek: [01:11:32] You. I’m my big question this year.


Lisa Lister: [01:11:34] Thank you so much.


Shaman Durek: [01:11:38] Amazing, amazing, amazing magic. This is the time where we combine the knowledge and the wisdom of the ages and bring it and turn the pages to understanding the deep understanding within us that we have the ability to ignite the powers. All the hidden powers come forth and welcome you into our lives. That is what it’s about, welcoming the hidden powers back into our lives and utilizing those powers to bring greatness both into our life and to the lives of others. The sustenance of goodness, the sustenance of wildness, the sustenance of all that is if magic. I’m so honored to have my beautiful sister today on the show. I know you’re all lit right now. You are right now. You are like the bubbling of a cauldron. You are like fire and ice. You are literally the Sun star in moons. All gathered into one beautiful essence with the sensuality and connection of all experiences. I thank you so much for being here today. Share. And if you want to follow me, you can. If you haven’t already started following me on Instagram, please do so at Shaman Direct. You can also sign up on my newsletter if you want to learn about training and shamanism and getting involved in all the different things that I’ll be offering into the world and the different collaborations that I’ll be doing with, like my sister Lisa and all these other people that will be you’ll be seeing and people that you’ve been hearing on the podcast. I love you so, so much, and please do me a favor. The way we share the knowledge, the way we share the wealth. We want to make people wealthy. We want to, we want to. We want to increase their spiritual currency. We want to increase their spiritual bank rate. And the way we do that is you leave a review on ancient wisdom today on iTunes. This would mean the most to me because the more you do, the more stories you give me, the more people see, Wow, this show is worth listening to. Let me give it a shot. And then they come in and they get the medicine and the magic is created. I love you so much and have a wonderful, beautiful. You celebrate. You dance under the moon’s pale life, drink moon water, make love, have passion and be creative by.


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