Human Technology

We all remember the phrase, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.” Well, that’s a flat out lie! Words certainly have the power to define our reality, to shape personality, and to set up a playing field that can impact the ways in which we navigate our lives. Comprehending the […]

A Deeper Attraction

For such is the time to rejoice in new beginnings! You have done the inner work to rise out of the deep, dark sea of pain. So, we must now bid farewell to the old, and passionately embrace the unknown, with the openness of a child. Rejoice in the birth of something great coming toward you, growing within you, […]

My True Companion

Are we able to dance joyfully into freedom, without memories of discord pulling us away from our goals? There is a colossal drought taking place on earth, where the waters of creativity and optimism are in short supply. Fear is drying us up; therefore, the need is critical to restore life into whatever feels parched […]

Don’t Chase the Storm

We are indeed in a time of great discord. But for us to make it, we have to separate ourselves from the storm. We have to step back and hear the call of creation, the call that’s asking us to hold still and watch. As we observe ‘the shadow’ from a distance, we might fret, […]


What is the music of your life? Is filled with highs and lows, is it a one note, or is it a classical symphony-rock band-house music extravaganza? Do you always take the same road to work and have the same reaction when dealing with people? Do you feel like you’re living in the movie “Ground […]