Superior Humility

‘Humility’ is derived from the Latin word ‘humus,’ meaning from the earth, or being grounded. I’m sure we all like the thought of being conscious and plugged in, but many of us have lost touch because society places such a high value on the ephemeral, the disposable, and the boastful. Our superficial and ego driven […]

Grounded Guidance: Your Pants Might Possibly Be On Fire

To live within the core of our power, we must first seek truth in ourselves and others—meaning we must dive deep into the meaning of lies, and how these falsehoods impact us on a spiritual level. Our existence has become encircled by lies, and they’re never benign. They attach themselves to every fiber of our […]

Fight, Flight Or Change?

Transformation is upon us, and for many it’s bringing up one of the most primal of issues: survival. As a result, a cacophony of spiritual cries are being heard, and many of us are experiencing a type of pressure we’ve never known. These strong feelings are surfacing with a purpose, so that we may recognize […]

Alignment Versus Hustle

I’m sure at some time, we’ve all pondered the age-old question, what is the meaning of life? Is it keeping our heads held high, our smiles wide and whitened, while we navigate this hustle? Is it keeping our flows enviable, while flashing the fruits of our hustles on social media? Despite our daily hustles (successful […]

The Lens We Look Through

  How are we able to determine whether we’re living our lives well? We oftentimes measure life upon this planet by what we’ve gathered via possessions, material wealth, power, success, or even ‘likes’ on social media. But, are these things truly representative of a life well-lived? To see deeper into this equation, we must first […]

Exit The Greek Theater

Emotional pain is likened to a Greek tragedy, and how we process it depends on where we are in our evolutionary growth. There are pivotal factors determining how we adjust our awareness to what we’re feeling, and also taking into account how our intellect and perceptions predict the reality of our pain. We’ve all been there–committing to […]

The Fearing

We are not born to live in fear, this is not the way our true nature was intended to be. We have the ability to expand into greater knowledge, so that we may clear the fear that stalks us. Fear is a construct of protection created by a spirit from the underworld. Yes, that place […]

Dream Within A Dream

The task at hand is to become living, and lucid beings! There are many doors hidden within this universe, places where we’re able to revive and renew, and where energies support us in becoming greater than we are. Beyond what is seen, there is a field where grace resides, within a pasture of rest and […]

Human Technology

We all remember the phrase, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.” Well, that’s a flat out lie! Words certainly have the power to define our reality, to shape personality, and to set up a playing field that can impact the ways in which we navigate our lives. Comprehending the […]

A Deeper Attraction

For such is the time to rejoice in new beginnings! You have done the inner work to rise out of the deep, dark sea of pain. So, we must now bid farewell to the old, and passionately embrace the unknown, with the openness of a child. Rejoice in the birth of something great coming toward you, growing within you, […]