“Most of the Shamans in different parts of the world do not want to deal with people in the western world, as they find people rather spiritually closed and confrontational.“

He is neither a guru nor an alternative medical practitioner, he is just a Shaman, and he went through many trials and tribulations to reach this level. And now, he is using his abilities to heal people. He is a well known personality, and planning to do a TV show in USA next year. Yet, very few people have managed to open the door to many of his secrets. What he is doing during his work “ Heaven and Earth” with his partner Hank Greenberg amaze people very much all over the world.

— How did you find out your Shaman roots and healer side?

My mother told me about it when I was 5 years old, and also I figured it out I had something different when I was a kinder gardener, because I could talk to my master guide and my grandmother -whom passed away already- easily. I found out about my healing powers when I was 10 years old. My cousin Germaine dropped the radio in to the bath while I was bathing by mistake, I was electrocuted and couldn’t move my legs, my sister pulled me out of the bath. Somehow I have managed to touch my legs and felt immense pain on my hands, and now I could feel / move my legs again.

I saw that I could heal people at the age of 13. I gathered with school mates after the school, a friends brother fell and knocked his head on the floor, he started to shake, I felt that he was going to die, a voice in my head told me to touch his chest and head, I could see inside his body, the blood going to his brain was flowing very fast, the voice told me if I could slow the blood flow down than I could save his life, and I did it, the boy returned to normal.

— You have mentioned about spiritual guides. Are the powers you have do they come from them? Or are they only guiding you through.

I don’t know, let me ask them…. They say that I have these powers, they are helping me organize and improve them.

— If they didn’t help you, how could these powers evolve?

This is a very good question. As a Shaman, some of the spirits put us through tests. It is preferred not to get attached to your guides. Spirits do not want that. In Shamanism, there is a period called “blackout”, it is a very difficult period, but you have to believe in your powers, if you keep on believing than they will come back, and this way you will be freed from your addiction / attachment to what the spirits give you.

— How did you manage to control your powers and offer them to the world?

This is a family tradition. I have started practicing at the age of 11. I have had wonderful teachers whom helped me guide my abilities like the Princess of Croatia Susana von Radic and many other teachers whom I adore and respect. I couldn’t eat or drink what most people could and spent allot of my time in other worlds. I have passed through this test and many others like this. The final test I took is to face your biggest fear and is toughest for any Shaman, I had to die physically. This way, I have experienced the pain and my big fear of death. It is not like being shot by a firearm and die suddenly, it was long draw out and painful.

— How did you resurrect / return back to life?

When I went past the veil, they asked me if I wanted to stay or return back. I knew I needed to go back to pass the test. At the hospital, doctors told my family that I was dead. They wrote down my time of death and covered my body with white cloth. My heart –beat- line was straight on the screen, and all of the sudden my heart started to beat again, the heart line was moving again, doctors were saying that this was impossible…. I got back but yet I could only pass a certain part of my test. I was paralyzed, my brain had severe damage, I wasn’t much different than a plant. I had to heal myself, but to always remember to be humble, It have left a mark on my body, and that was kidney failure. 12 years later, the spiritual guides told me that someone was going to give me a kidney and I was going to the next level, I was going to be ready to serve a wider crowd. There were writings about me in the magazines, and than TV and radio programs… and I became who I am today.

— Surely there are people saying that what you are doing is black magic

Yes, I tell them that they need to be educated. This is not black magic. I serve to God, to love and peoples relation to God. Black magic is everything that is against people. I have always came across people asking me about this. People judge the things they don’t know, it is easy to say that this is black magic.

— How do you use your healing powers?

Once I healed my publicist/creative director Tiana, she is here with me in Turkey, let me tell you about it. She had large cyst in her body,which they needed to do emergency operation. I had to consult my spiritual guides about how to remove the cysts. Operating spirits have worked on her for over 2 hours, it was painful. We didn’t have medication to make her feel better. During the healing period the guides helped me by showing where to put my hands over her body. When she went back to the doctor for an x-ray, they have found out that the over enlarge cyst which could of led her to have her uterus cut out had disappeared completely.

— After these types of magazine interviews, people contact us –especially with cureless illnesses- for miracles. At what condition people must come to you for healing?

Nobody will be ill if they do not have problems in their spirits. Our consciousness do not decide everything about our life, this is what people don’t understand. We have a sub consciousness. My abilities help me to access this part of your spirit and talk to it. Every sickness comes with a spirit. When I tell my consultants about the real cause of their illnesses than they usually start to cry, because in reality most of the people know the main reason for their sadness but they prefer not to confess it to themselves. Then, I talk to the spirits and tell them what they need to do for healing, but to do what I recommend is up to them. Some people refuse to do it, they say “I can’t believe, you are spot on, but I do not want to change that” Well I am just the shaman this is their journey to heal. I am a guide on the path.

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