Don’t Chase the Storm

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We are indeed in a time of great discord. But for us to make it, we have to separate ourselves from the storm. We have to step back and hear the call of creation, the call that’s asking us to hold still and watch.

As we observe ‘the shadow’ from a distance, we might fret, but we also see that it’s here to help us. As crazy and painful as it may be, the ‘shadow of the collective’ is the storm we need at this time. It is our great blessing. How are we to build a better world, if we can’t heal the forgotten pain that our ancestors let fall to the wayside? The spirit is tired of fighting, it’s now asking for a small breath, a moment of reprieve, a moment of sacred waiting and watching. We have to let the storm pull everything apart. This is the only way forward. Once that’s done, we can truly see what needs our love, a love that will never die in this storm of life. You may ask yourself, when will this be over? I assure you the message is already in your heart. Listen to your heartbeat, it keeps going, and so will you. Many will be lost in this earthly realm. However, we will see them again, as the end will never come. You did not come to earth for an end, you instead came for a beginning, and to set things in motion. You came to give life a subtle nudge. How wonderful is that? A gentle nudge, not a brutal one, just a sweet, tender reminder.

We often believe that creating change requires absolute force, but it truly doesn’t. Think about the way in which we breathe, does it require force? Does a plant or flower grow by force? No, as all living things wither and die by such a hardened regime. So, why would we believe that change requires the same? Change is a collective choice; and to move that energy requires devotion to it. This mindset is especially critical during times when the world around us might appear bleak and grim. However, never forget that we are innately powerful, and we have everything we need to advance in this moment. Simple behaviors can create lasting change–gestures of love and kindness are a world of magic, and gifts from our creator to manifest lasting and positive transitions. Do we need to follow the dying trend of force? Was it not this same force that drove us into mental slavery on this sacred planet? This unseen force consistently strives to make us do things we don’t want to do, or to do things that we inherently know aren’t right.

The world that we live in was built on force, fear and domination. It was through these subversive instructions, rules and clauses that demand obedience, or else to suffer punishment. Whatever powers have orchestrated such a rigid system, they have refused to recognize creation, or to see life truly grow. They’ve refused to recognize the nurturing of life, or to plant the seeds of freedom and love, the seeds required to ‘become.’ Life is as beautiful as we make it, and we are not here to suffer. The suffering we experience oftentimes stems from a lack of nurturing within, and also what we give outwardly. Suffering derives from a sense of force within the mind, and thoughts that are polluted by the fear of not being loved or nurtured. Listen, you are the greatest gift to life, and it’s high time for you to see and know this as truth. Make peace with yourself, and give yourself peace. It’s something we all deserve, as we step into a new way of moving with life, as opposed to against it. Even now as you read this, your soul is in agreement with this truth. Pray for the savior within you, and trust the inner love that has you, the inner love that holds you and guides you. However, trust is also needed in our words, the ways in which we speak to ourselves. Our inner voice is the magic code that either constructs life or destroys it. These are the ever-giving seeds of humanity. But, when it’s time to harvest, will the bounty be rich and plentiful, or an empty one? Don’t drive the nightmare, change the narrative by changing the words we speak to ourselves and each other. We are so strong! So, when we speak and think–say the words that life needs to hear, the words that cause us to thrive, and the words that will free us.

Freedom is found in the uplift–like the wind’s dispersal of seeds traveling through the air and seeking fertile soil, our words and thoughts have a profound impact on the change that we all seek. We lift our brothers and sisters by ‘waking up’ the day and night, awakening the world with our words and heart, and living the laughter of spirit in our daily comings and goings. Sow seeds that bring a mighty harvest, so that we may all rejoice in this season of true change. And worry not, as the beast of fear has become an ally to remind us that we can do anything. I await you at the table, but don’t mind the storm. We did not come here to starve in terror, we came instead to feed the masses with our heavenly love. Find hope in the hopeless, it’s never too late. We have everything that we need to sow precious seeds of love into this beautiful life, for the sake of all.

-Shaman Durek

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