My True Companion

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Are we able to dance joyfully into freedom, without memories of discord pulling us away from our goals? There is a colossal drought taking place on earth, where the waters of creativity and optimism are in short supply. Fear is drying us up; therefore, the need is critical to restore life into whatever feels parched within us.

The first step is breaking free from all shared discord, to allow our inner voices to be filled with words that promote ideas, and words that lay a blueprint toward rebuilding our spirits. When we pour life-giving water into ourselves, that sweet part of our soul rejoices with an overflowing stream of love and innovation; a flow that floods the consciousness. But, in order to achieve such a state, we must be ever so mindful to live in the present, while continuing to push forward; never allowing ourselves to be stuck in a place that’s behind us. Holding steadfast to negative experiences is an arrangement that benefits no one. The dust and stench of prior disappointments overwhelms the magnificent fragrances to come. Can you smell that? That’s the scent of old storybooks and pages clouding your vision, reminding you of prior pains and unhappiness. We are the prime witnesses of our lives, and we believe whatever we consistently tell ourselves, or whatever we focus upon. This sentiment is oftentimes disguised by a yearning to remember, or the belief that we may gain knowledge and wisdom by studying, and rereading our own sorrows. However, there comes a time to close-off sections of the library that no longer benefit us. Archive your history wisely, dear ones! And remember that a carelessly penned narrative is what limits us from seeing into the future, a future holding a more invigorating and expansive vision.

We walk alongside ourselves in this journey of life, and our path depends heavily upon whatever stories we share with that companion–or in other words, what we share with our inner-selves. The soul listens intently whenever we breathe life into circumstance, and it listens to the ways in which we see, feel and decipher our experiences. The companion then responds by transforming this storytelling into the truth of our current reality. If you’re on a journey that might appear bleak, don’t ‘speak energy’ into feelings of gloom. Speak instead of the adventure, of the effervescence and courage that shines a spotlight onto your story. It is then that we open, and when we become authors of our own destiny and desires. It might seem like a complicated deal, but the key is in how we narrate, especially during times when we believe that we’re sinking. Get away from the melodrama and quicksand as speedily as you can. Don’t wallow, just go! Be creative instead, be aspirational, and utilize the author within to pull yourself ‘up’ and ‘out.’ Elevate your protagonist, thus creating a lifeline that points in the direction that you desire. Breathe deeply, and then decide. Choose what, and how ‘you’ want to be written. Bring invigorating life into your journey, by paving your perceptions with excitement and courage. Don’t you see how powerful the mind is? When I was in a wheelchair, I did not tell my inner companion a story of misery and woe. I instead narrated a consistent vision of me walking, dancing, and even one day running. My companion soon heard, and then later believed, which helped me out of that chair. I did not vanish into the crevasse of fear and despair. I instead allowed myself to become open, vast and expanded. I literally walked into my vision. It’s written in stone to “know thyself,” which means to know your companion, and to become best friends with the author within.

There’s a tide changing on earth, and stories are playing out as quickly as we write them. However, we must be mindful to write passages of triumph, possibility, and union. Look at your life, and the stories you’ve been telling. Face your companion and say to her or him “not this way, I told it wrong, so now let me tell you again, and here’s how it goes.” Then tell the greatest story ever told–one filled with possibility, prosperity, and courage. Write for yourself a veritable chronicle, where you become the hero, the healer, the visionary, the artist, and so much more. Tell the real story, the most amazing story that you can possibly tell. The journey of our lives should not be what others write for us, but instead those that we pen fearlessly for ourselves. Don’t allow yourself to become the victim of a mind that cannot see, while it shakily pens a narrative shrouded in blindness and fear. Reawaken yourself to the true hero that walks with you daily.

The moment of remembering is now. But, be aware that whatever we focus upon most often, will inevitably become what we walk into. I believe in dimensions, and I have witnessed many aspects of the human condition–some parts terrifying and painful, while others that are glorious and light-giving. It’s all in the way we see it, the way we tell it, believe it, and ultimately create it. I seek not to find, but instead to ‘become.’ We have not set upon this earth to drown, or to be blinded by the fear of those unable to recognize the ‘creation’ inside of them. Energize your architect, the powerful author within, and utilize a new directive that will merge your narrative into one that’s joyous. An infinite void of separation will not be my ending, nor your own. Instead, we will write, and rewrite our stories by the fire. We will fearlessly elevate our voices, and to share in our storytelling so that the tribe is inspired. Will you stand tonight by the great flame? Will you rewrite your history, so that we may create a library that awakens us all? Who will come to the side of the elders and share?  Who will become our leaders of love, leaders of self-narrative love, leaders of world love? What will you write? Your true companion is listening, and eagerly waiting to take note. Utilize the time you have now, so that you may get to know this friend. Then you may direct how she or he may serve you. We all know that the pen is mightier than the sword, however, our history is determined by the narrative we pen for ourselves. Write well, dear ones–write well, be well, and most of all…love well.

-Shaman Durek

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