Dream Within A Dream

The task at hand is to become living, and lucid beings! There are many doors hidden within this universe, places where we’re able to revive and renew, and where energies support us in becoming greater than we are. Beyond what is seen, there is a field where grace resides, within a pasture of rest and possibility.

Human beings are a conglomeration of ideas, the reflections of many faces and behaviors, all playing out on this great stage of life. However, until we’re ready to take full control, we will continue to dream in the dream of another, limiting us from what’s possible, or from creating new and empowering realities.

The truth is that we can achieve anything when we choose NOT to believe.

One of the fascinating things about us humans, is that once the eyes are no longer closed, we then begin a journey into a new world, one where the ‘witness,’ the ‘dreamer,” and the ‘dream,’ become one.

We’ve often heard that we can only achieve what we believe. I’ve heard this so many times, too many to be exact, and oftentimes utilized out of context, or separated from truth. The truth is that we can achieve anything when we choose NOT to believe. Belief is limiting, and grounds us onto a playing field riddled with boundaries and dividing lines.

It is within the grip of ‘believing’ that we are no longer dreaming, which traps us where we are today. When we ‘believe,’ we come to an acceptance of a limiting reality, one that satisfies our intrinsic needs to feel safe and real. It’s within this sheltered dreamscape that the ego anchors us, and where we fight to maintain borders so that we may feel alive.

The dreams we desire take shape when we do.

Our lives oftentimes contain fragments of other’s dreams. I have dreamed my father’s dream, my mother’s dream, I’ve even dreamed the dreams of my friends. One night I found myself dreaming within the dream of a dream.

In order to awaken from self-limiting dreamscapes, you must first comprehend the dreams you’ve been dreaming, and to discover the source.

Where did you extract the inspiration to weave specific dreams into your reality, and what made you dream them? What types of dreams do you have, and who is the dreamer? Are they positive dreams, or negative, are they filled with adventure, love, exploring and healing, or are they self-defeating?

The dreams we desire take shape when we do. When we want something to bend, we must bend, and if we want to be seen in the dream of our dreams, we must first witness our truest selves.

Life doesn’t happen to us, we are constantly moving energy, either toward or away from us.

As a child I’ve often wondered, why do we dream? Also, why is it written that we should only dream while we’re sleeping? In pondering these questions, I soon discovered the tools needed to become a master dreamer, an “awake dreamer,” able to do whatever I liked within a dream, even traveling to meet others in different dreams. I’ve also learned how to create a new dreamer, one that has a greater dream in which to serve me.

Life doesn’t happen to us, we are constantly moving energy, either toward or away from us. We hold the power to direct our dreams in ways that serve and expand, as opposed to binding our energy to self-limiting beliefs. Becoming a dreamer doesn’t require much more than the comprehension that something much grander exists–something flexible, without limits or boundaries, and then enacting it!

Will you stop believing and start dreaming?

Stop today, pause, and say these words aloud….

“Are you aware that you’re dreaming?”
“Do you like the dream you’re dreaming?”
“Do you understand the dreamer of this dream?”
“Soul, I need you to dream of a different dreamer.”

Write down your answers, then take a moment and breathe deeply. This is when you call upon imagination and dream it into life. We then begin listening and seeing–not only what’s directly in front of us, but what’s behind, around, outside, or even hidden.

You see, we will begin to see true change when we stop believing and begin dreaming! This is also when we’ll discover the ability to support other dreamers. Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream, one that he’s still dreaming from the vantage point of another dream, within a dream. He is no longer with us, yet, his dream is still manifesting dreams for others, as he dreamed not only for you and me, but for everyone. Dr. King inspired us to dream into the dreams of mankind, recognizing the power of the dreamer, as opposed to that of the believer. What about you, who is reading this?

My darlings, will you stop believing and start dreaming? Come and dream with me.


-Shaman Durek

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