The Fearing

We are not born to live in fear, this is not the way our true nature was intended to be. We have the ability to expand into greater knowledge, so that we may clear the fear that stalks us.

Fear is a construct of protection created by a spirit from the underworld. Yes, that place where souls go when they cannot accept their light, and where they also feed from our distorted light. They communicate with conscious living organisms, those who believe they will expire or cease to exist. In doing so, they prevent their energy from fading because of their unwillingness to return to Source.

They enter into our energetic field, and like parasites they feed from our insecurities, from our lack of knowing, and more. How do we let them in? Well, we do so out of ignorance. We are not alerted to what fear is, and how it operates in our world. In truth, we have no education of the many spirits that affect our psyche.

Why do you think our world system is not transparent?

Our world system knows all too well of these parasitic spirits, of how they work, and how we’ll react when consumed by them. They also know that if they’re able to generate additional fear via parasites from the underworld, that humans will follow like sheep and react.

In turn, we buy, destroy, and create even more fear by sharing this virus with others via words, storytelling, and more. True deception is not what you see someone do, or what you hear someone say. True deception is what you can’t see, or what you can’t hear because you have no knowledge of its existence. Why do you think our world system is not transparent?

Fear is a spiritual parasite that enslaves and deceives.

The system doesn’t give us access to real knowledge (or of these things I share with you), because it needs you to become a vessel for parasitic spirits to inhabit, and so that you may continue to be a slave of fear. We rarely recognize the source of parasitic fear, because we don’t know what we’re looking for in order to be truly free.

Do you remember the scene in the film Aliens, where government scientists knew what the alien pods would do whenever a fresh body was within its proximity? The spider-like creature would cover the face of the human, and then inject a parasite inside of them. The ship’s crew had no idea what was taking place. However, their world government was fully aware, and with no regard for human life, they wanted the crew to become infected in order to study the creatures. Fear is a similar parasite, one that spiritually enslaves and deceives.

Fear is a smart virus that blocks healing, love and prosperity.

Here are a few fast facts about fear…

1. Fear has no real evidence to back up its claims.
2. Fear makes use of your past as a way to make you repeat it.
3. Fear employs the ‘infected’ as a means to share their illness through stories, claims of half-truths, or unresearched information.
4. Fear utilizes our imaginations, our places of creative intelligence.
5. Fear knows the power that we use to manifest.

We create by seeing, feeling, and knowing, and fear attacks those places and turns them against you. So, you see, fear feels fear, and fear knows fear.

Every move that our world system makes is to have us become infected with the spirit of fear. This ‘fearing’ causes us to commit unspeakable acts of hate, crime, violence and war against one other, against ourselves, also against animals and nature. Fear keeps people angry, causes some of us to become sick, and leads many to spiritual and emotional death.

Fear is a smart virus that blocks healing, love and prosperity. But, guess what? We’re smarter! We only need to practice building up our immunity against it, and in doing so we create the most powerful spiritual antibody against fear.

These simple techniques will weaken the bonds of fear.

The next time you begin feeling fear creeping in, ask yourself–do you have all the information needed? Is something hidden? Also, begin thinking the opposite of what it’s telling you, or speak the opposite aloud. For instance, if fear declares that you will run out of money, say instead, “I love how money always flows in to take care of your needs.” Or, if fear whispers that you will fail, speak instead, “I know how you always persevere, and that every perceived failure is a step closer toward success.”

Another trick is to call forth deeper medicine from the spirit world. So, if you feel fear, say aloud, “Download wisdom into my fear, and clear it at 30 thousand.” Wait a moment, if you need to go higher in dosage, go to 40 thousand, and keep going higher until it’s gone.

Lastly, don’t mistake common sense for fear. For instance, if you’re afraid of alligators—don’t think, “Oh wait, Shaman Durek said I’m experiencing the spirit of fear. So, it’s ok for me to go swimming with large, hungry carnivores.” Common sense teaches you that swimming with predators is not the best idea. You have to know the difference between common sense and fear.

The time is now for us to know the truth, and to outsmart the system so that we become leaders of a new world. A world that fear can’t touch, so that we may discover freedom from tyranny, and where ‘love’ becomes our truest means of living.

-Shaman Durek

(Artwork: ‘The Scream,’ by Norwegian expressionist, Edvard Munch)

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