Why not have a personal shaman in the 21st century when almost everyone has a nutritionist or a personal sports instructor? We met with Durek the shaman who wants to make the planet a better place.

Shaman(s), which is the word for “wise man”, are concerned with observing and expounding of the nature, animals and humans. Their purpose is to help to bring out the best in someone.


When you make an interview with Durek Verrett, you always have several questions in your mind to ask and learn from him. Especially if you are interested about world courses and self-improvement, a shaman might be the person who can enlighten you.

This is a full online re-paste from Elle Magazine Turkey from an interview with Shaman Durek. Re-Produced with Permission.

ELLE: We first met in Soho House, Istanbul last year. What changed in the world since?

Durek Verrett (D.V): Since last year, I improved myself and learned new information about benefaction. But unfortunately in that time the number of social disasters in the world have increased. Actually my main focus in life is supporting women’s movement and create awareness about the victim psychology.

Maybe we should ask ourselves “What can I do to make the world a better place not only for my country but also for entire world?”.  No one can run away from their problems. If we continue to avoid our problems, at some point there will be nothing left to do.

ELLE: How can we discover our potential? Is there a ‘shortcut’?

D.V: We have to stop playing the victim. Ask yourself “Do I enjoy what I do? Does that give me pleasure? Do I really want to do this? What do I want to learn?” After you find the answers, you can actually connect with yourself. If you pretend to be someone else  in order to make others happy, you will end up sad. You have to listen to your inner voice. If you do not fell complete, that means you are in the wrong way. Simple as that.

ELLE: People can work with a nutritionist or a personal instructor. Does that mean that we can also have a personal shaman?

D.V: A shaman can make you see the reasons behind your choices. Also can help to make you feel stronger and go to your inner self. Shamanism itself, can regenerate the power in the people. In that sense yes, you can have a personal shaman.

ELLE: What changes after a session with a shaman?

D.V: A shaman can change your perspective. Can point out the solutions when you don’t think there’s any and can guide you in your spiritual adventure. Also a shaman can help you to improve the quality of life and teach you how to interpret love.

ELLE: What do you do in your sessions?

D.V: The only thing that I do is to show you who you really are. I am here to show that you are the most important person in your life.

ELLE: Your job is to enlighten people but don’t you have those days that you don’t feel good? What do you do in those days?

D.V: I stay alone for a long time to drain my energy like I do with my clients. Also I pay attention to my nutrition and my daily exercises. Through meditation I feel closer to God and the spirits. I laugh, I cry, I sing and I play video games. Simply I rejuvenate myself.

ELLE: What is the reason behind writing a book about Turkey?

D.V: That’s a nice question but I do not need a reason to write. Someone on the plane asked me the same question “Why Turkey?”. I guess at that time I felt something very strong. It is actually a love story. I think when you love a culture and the people who belongs to that culture, best way to express your love is to write a book. I want Turkish people to realize there is a chance to upraise their country if they stop racism, discrimination and gentrification.

ELLE: You will be in Turkey in a short time. What are your plans?

D.V: I would like to organize some charity events and enlarge the second version of my book called “Awakening” which I added new shamanic formulas and techniques. I also would like to teach shamanism to women in order to be more active in the workplace and be aware of the world. I also want to shoot a cartoon for the kids.

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