Shaman Durek featured in Elle Magazine for his devotion to women empowerment, helping the people of Turkey reclaim their power , and eliminating stress and anxiety in social situations.

This is a full online re-paste of a Elle Magazine (Turkey) piece about Shaman Durek. Re-Produced with permission.


Is it possible to get rid of our stressful life? Can we create a better version of ourselves? 

We talked the answers to all these questions with the worldwide famous Shaman Durek.

When he was only 5 Durek Verrett’s mother knew that he had certain gifts. To use the gifts bestowed to him in the best way Shaman Durek decided to train from the age of 11. He is Gwyneth Paltrow’s close friend and Shaman. Well what is a shaman and what does a shaman do? Why do we need him? On a hot summer day we met with Shaman Durek at Soho House.

ELLE: Could you tell us exactly what a shaman is?
DUREK VERRETT: The meaning of the word shaman is “person that knows”. We observe people, animals, life and nature. I am a shaman born and grew up in the western culture. For this reason I think that I help people bring out the power inside of themselves. This is what I concentrate on.

ELLE: We know that your grandmother had a great influence over you. Is that why you are especially trying to bring out the power in women?
DUREK VERRETT: Actually I am not the one bringing out the power in women, it is them. What I can do is show them the way. This is not just because of my grandmother or mother; it is because women are the true leaders. Every shaman knows this. Contrary to men, women have a very special intuitive power. And this makes them a leader in every sense.

ELLE: Who needs a session from a shaman?
DUREK VERRETT: Those who want to go to the center of their personality….. Shamanism helps us to observe our life in the simplest and most authentic way. This way you can see what is pulling you down and live a better life.


ELLE: Is it possible to live a life without stress and anxiety, or is it just utopia?
DUREK VERRETT: Of course it is possible! For example start by stopping trying to please other people. Do something because you want to not so that other people will love you. Don’t listen to the negative talk around you. Talk what works, what could be the solution and what you can do about it. It is easy to spread bad news.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of stress is to let go of wanting people to approve you. When someone says to you “you can do it” or you are “valuable” to don’t become that. You transform into that person when you feel that way. How realistic is it for someone who does not know your world to tell you what kind of a person you should be? Or to approve you? And there is a very simple rule. If you don’t feel good just leave that place.

This could be your lover or your work. I know people who get stressed because they haven’t done yoga today. Yoga should not turn into something that puts you into stress when it is something to relax you. To cope with all this you need to raise your awareness.

ELLE: How does a session with you go?
DUREK VERRETT: Every session is different. Let me tell you a typical session: Those we call spirit guides will look into the areas of your life like love, relationship, career, how you treat yourself. Then they will tell me. Then I observe what you can raise. Sometimes I “read” your bones, sometimes I check the warmth of your skin. I observe how you are emotionally and how you talk to yourself. I determine the problems and ways you can cope with it.

My difference from a therapist is that I don’t just talk, I focus directly on the issue. I invite the spirits of love, joy, bliss and those who will change your thoughts into your body and brain. Then suddenly everything is fixed and I give information on how to deal with the rest of your life.

ELLE: Is shamanism a religion?
DUREK VERRETT: All religions restrict people into certain frames and rules. And they do this by injecting fear into people; they say “If you don’t love god the way we have set you will suffer”. Pain is a way to teach. We don’t have rules in shamanism. Everybody is different and the same rule cannot be applied for everyone. Every person should find their own rhythm and path. Shamanism is like a guide to find your direction on your journey to yourself.


ELLE: You come to Istanbul often? What kind of a bond do you have with here?
DUREK VERRETT: I was really called by someone to Istanbul. One day when I was walking in Israel I was nearly crushed by a bus. Thankfully a man grabbed me and pushed me and I hit the window of a shop. The shop that I smashed into was a travel agency and on the display of the window was written “Go to Istanbul”.

When I was meditating that evening I heard Istanbul calling to me and its screams of pain. And years ago I decided to come here.

ELLE: Soon you have a book coming out about Turkey. What are you telling in this book?
DUREK VERRETT: Within years I realized the power in the Turkish people. And I wrote my first book for the Turkish people. The name of my book is “Awakening”. I saw that men do not have romanticism and the women are not like woman, that they see like their mothers and there is anger inside of them. I wrote how this can change and the wonderful things that the Turkish people can do.

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