In this fascinating interview, I talk in-depth with my good friend Durek, about his work, and what it really means to be a shaman in today’s world. As everything spiritual becomes increasingly trendy, and everyone and their mum seems to be joining Ayahausca ceremonies, I wanted to gain insights from someone who is evidently truly gifted and has a profound and powerful connection to the spirit world.

I asked Durek, what exactly is a shaman, and can anyone learn to be one? We talked about the power of speaking from the heart, despite the disfunction of society, and how we recover authenticity. We discussed self-care, and the importance of looking after one’s energy, and staying clean in your body in a toxic world. And we talked more specifically about his work, and all the wonderful ways he helps people to heal and grow.

Durek has enormous amounts of charisma and energy, he’s the kind of person who makes you feel better just by spending time with him, and I hope by listening to this interview, some of that joy and enthusiasm for life makes its way over to you. Check out the interview below.



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