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Wellness Warrior

Shaman, guide and healer Shaman Durek creates a bridge between us and the spirit world. Hollywood’s hottest mentor takes us through his day…

6AM Waking up at sunrise is the best time for your body energetically. I’ll do a shamanic exercise, which includes movements like tai chi, then soul meditation, where I talk to my spirit guides and ask myself questions, such as, ‘what is the thing I need to deal with most right now?’

7AM Time for a workout. I do push ups, sit-ups, squats and Pilates, have a shower and then my metamorphosis drink [elementalwizdom.com], which is made with medicinal mushrooms, as well as spirulina, chlorella and hemp protein – all the clean nutrients my body needs. It’s probably why people ask me why my skin looks so good and why I have this extra energy. I’m 43 years old and I know what to put in my body.

8AM Breakfast is either at home or in Gwyneth [Paltrow]’s kitchen, where we hang out and talk. Then I’ll go through my schedule for the day.

10:30AM This is when I start my Instagram Live talk. It’s about health and wellness and how we can operate in a more authentic way. After that, I’ll take appointments with people who have come to see me for a shamanic treatment.

1PM I ‘check in’ with myself emotionally and ask, ‘How do I feel right now; do I feel supported?’ I do this with my CEO clients, so they are aware of their needs and don’t just become workaholics and burn themselves out. If I feel off-balance, I take a ten-minute walk or do a breathing exercise. For lunch I’ll have a raw vegetable wrap with hummus, or make a kale salad with mashed bananas and tahini.

3PM Time for two more shamanic treatments.

6PM I ‘check in’ again to see how I’m feeling, then have dinner. I don’t eat after 7pm because that’s when I fast. I’ll eat a vegetarian, vegan or raw meal with something that’s cooked to warm the body. My friend Jasmine Hemsley advises me on what to eat based on my Ayurverdic energy, so I avoid spicy foods.

7PM I meditate for an hour.

8PM This is my playtime when I paint, read poetry or play video games. Sometimes, I’ll watch a movie with friends.

9PM I’ll dry brush my body to get the circulation going and use my FaceGym Pro device (£429) to plump up my skin. Then I’ll apply Hydrating Triple Rose Renewing Moisturizer (£58) by Aromatherapy Associates. Everyone jokes that I am the shaman who can tell you what the hottest beauty product is right now! Finally, I spray my face with rose water and get ready for rest.