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BYODG Series | Hacking Your Shadow


The shadow isn’t evil or “bad”; it’s a key tool in your evolution.

Let’s debunk the nonsense about the shadow’s “evilness,” okay? You see, there’s the shadow and then there’s what the shadow holds for us—I like to call it the junkery. The junkery is all the stuff you don’t want to admit about yourself.

It’s not evil, it’s just the part of you that the shadow wants you to take responsibility for. Your shadow knows you better than yourself, so why aren’t you communicating with it?

In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Remove your shadow from duality
  • Communicate to your shadow to gain insight to guide your light to light up your life
  • Gain mental upgrades and emotional evolutions Understand yourself better
  • Clear resistant energy to create movement in all areas of your life
  • Disrupt the matrix programs that get you to lie to yourself

The shadow is the projection that the light is casting on the world, which means that the shadowy bits we perceive are the projection of light off the intercepting body, which is you, me, and every human on the planet.

If you’ve got a body—and I know you do—you’d better learn to dance with it babe. Are you ready to learn to be a shadow dancer?

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