Moon Energy Wokeshop


Connect with the moon to enhance your life for richer manifestations.

When learning to understand shamanic moon energy and connecting with the moon it’s important for us to be able to recognize that many of our senses have been dulled down by a system that keeps us reacting outwardly.

The more we project our responses outwardly we forget to connect into the deep intuitive state that allows us to feel the subtle frequency of life and connection to everything around us. When we are fully open to receiving that connection, we open our psyche and our intuition which supports us in navigating our lives easier. 

Join Shaman Durek in understanding the expansion of the moon energy and connecting into the deeper parts of the lunar energy.

You’ll learn moon rituals and connect with the moon to enhance your life for richer manifestations and attunement to your psychic abilities and intuitive powers.




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