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BYODG Series | Spiritual Technology For Modern Day


Tips and techniques helping you optimize your brain for enhanced clarity and focus.

What are you doing to protect your energetic field? How are you changing and disrupting your frequencies?

If you don’t have answers to those questions, it’s time to listen up. Lit leaders, if you want to have optimal healing, balance, clarity, and focus you need to up level your spiritual technology.

In this Wokeshop, we’ll deconstruct spiritual technology to help you understand the main components, so you can begin building your own spiritual technology system that supports your healing and your balance. You’ll learn how to reverse your aura and your electromagnetic field to heal and balance your system, and then we’ll dive into how to protect your energetic field by building a force field around it.

Ever feel trapped in unwanted frequencies? We’ll walk through the process of how to change and disrupt frequencies in your environments and manipulate vibrational frequencies to elevate your awareness. All these shamanic tips and techniques will lead you to optimizing your brain space technology to enhance your clarity and focus.

Curious about dimensional thinking? In this Wokeshop, we’ll discuss what it is and how to use it. And if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at spirit hacking, we’ve got you covered.

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