Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World.


Tachyon Illumination Rods

A Tachyon is a particle that travels faster than the speed of light. Tachyons infuse physical matter with spiritual light. With the Tachyon Illumination rods, this amazingly strong Tachyon source, it will jump start your healing journey. Within moments of holding these powerful rods, you begin to feel Tachyon pulsing through your whole body. TSA friendly and great for travel. Anytime, anywhere, these are such a blast!
-Use Power Rods any time you feel you need a boost in energy
-Use Power Rods when meditating
-Use Power Rods when manifesting
-Hold Power Rods over any area that needs healing
-Sleep with a Power Rod down by your feet. They are wonderful for those with neuropathy or circulation issues.

Many practitioners place Power Rods in their client’s hands for ultimate healing fields.

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YouVedas mission is to create a healthier, happier world using the intelligence of Mother Nature. They believe in the ancient principles of Ayurveda and are bringing them to you in a modern, easy way. They have created a whole line of innovative, full-support supplements that contain only the best, highest-quality organic and wild-harvested ingredients. YouVeda is here to ignite belief in your innate power to heal and inspire you to live a fuller life — physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Elemental Wizdom

Elemental Wizdom formulates wellness products with ONLY the purest bioavailable ingredients in order to deliver nature’s essentials with ZERO preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, sugars, gluten, yeast, soy, dairy or casein. They are exactly what the label says; nothing more, nothing less. Our overhead is intentionally low so that we can allocate capital to the acquisition of the purest ingredients and only the best formulations.

Elemental Wizdom believes that we are, as in, our Consciousness, a culmination of the collective organisms that we support the existence of. Therefore, it is crucial to our evolution, that we support the lives of all the beneficial microorganisms that support our Optimal health. In order for any of us to Thrive, we must be Vital and the Integrity of the collective within us must all be working together for the same cause.

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Four Sigmatic

Mushrooms and adaptogens are some of the world’s most nutritious foods. But they get shiit(ake) on constantly for fickle taste opinions. Even if they’re not your cup of tea, you’ll be amazed by how easy and delicious adding ‘shrooms to your favorite daily drinks can be. Whether you’re a black coffee, latte, hot cacao, or tea person, we have a drink made for you.

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Somavedic has positive effects on health problems such as headaches, nervousness, sleeping and digestion problems, tiredness, and weak immunity that are caused by the influence of EMF radiation and geopathic stress.
Somavedic is a device that can reliably eliminate and then completely remove unwanted influences of geopathogenic, psychosomatic zones, water crosses, Curry and Hartmann lines, including electrosmog. It also eliminates other negative influences that affect the cellular structure of the physical body.
Somavedic is used to evoke overall perfect harmony of body and mind. It harmonizes family relationships and improves metabolism and sleep. It is important for the cleanup of both domestic and corporate environment.

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Now Alchemy

With every bottle of Now Alchemy you purchase, you are not only investing in yourself, you are also investing in a world that supports biodynamic, organic, conscious, high vibrational wellness supplements made with integrity from seed to bottle. Now Alchemy is the relationship between consciousness and matter, and that is why all of their elixirs are made with pure intention, and an awareness of not only how substances nourish the body, but also how the intention and energies of those substances nourish the spirit and soul as well. None of their elixirs are suspended in alcohol, and they are all liposomal, nanoenhanced or micellized depending on the ingredient to maximize absorption and efficacy. While other companies use chemicals to achieve these phases, their founder has spent years developing ways to achieve all of these states completely naturally, so everything in these bottles are amazing for you!

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BLUblox offers science-backed, style-built advanced light filtration eyewear that targets improved sleep and health. These glasses block harmful artificial blue light emitted by our man made lighting and devices, allowing your body to perform how it should.

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