Spirit Optimizer – Black


Spirit Optimizer is advanced spiritual technology for spirit hacking and optimization.

All SO’s are handmade in small batches and may have slight cosmetic imperfections. Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final. Please allow 1 week for orders to process and ship.

Contact the support team on the Spirit Optimizer Instagram page for any questions.

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The Shadow Spirit Optimizer is your companion in love and self-awareness. It assists in removing constructs, structures and beliefs that are preventing the full flow of love and fullness of evolution in your life. Establishing a profound connection with your Shadow illuminates your life, reminding you that the Shadow itself is the light. By deepening your connection with your Shadow, you’re brought into a space where you can see areas of your life that are out of alignment with love’s true essence. This connection reveals the hidden wisdom within your Shadow, reminding you that love is the core of everything. When you use the Shadow Spirit Optimizer, you’re guided to release outdated beliefs and bring closer to love. It guides you to explore and embrace those parts of yourself that have not yet claimed love too—that crave acknowledgment and expression of the love from within you!

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