In the Healing Temple, all who join will benefit from a collective shamanic healing with Shaman Durek. He will be removing blockages, clearing poisons out, resetting and rebooting for an uplevel in your life!

Every Friday  |  8:30am PT  |  30 minutes  | $10

Please download/print/take a photo/draw the quinterium symbol below and have it next to you during the Healing Temple


Increasing Intuition: Clearing the blocks that limit your intuition so you can be more sensitive to the messages from the universe and you can take action and always know what is needed to get what you want out of life

Anyone can join! Click below to register now!


To find correct time in you time zone, please refer to the countdown clock above
How to Prepare:
  • With your symbol next to you, before we start, say "activate the quinterium for healing my physical, mental and spiritual body"
  • Make sure you have tissue and something to spit in (you may spit or cough up stuff when releasing toxins and negative energies)
  • Please do not have any alcohol or substances in your body while taking part in The Healing Temple
  • Wear flowing clothing. No tight pants, no belts and no watches
After the Healing Temple:
  • No meat or alcohol for three days (this is meant to keep your body clear and open for the healing/releasing that may follow)