Spirit Optimizer – Orange


Spirit Optimizer is advanced spiritual technology for spirit hacking and optimization.

All SO’s are handmade in small batches and may have slight cosmetic imperfections. Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final. Please allow 1 week for orders to process and ship.

Contact the support team on the Spirit Optimizer Instagram page for any questions.

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The Magnifier deepens your intimacy with your experience of life. Your relationship with your sensual experiences like eating food, smelling flowers, your connection to nature… all is deepened with The Magnifier.

How deeply do you want to see yourself, what’s best for you and how to align with it? How deeply do you want to see sicknesses that pass through? The Magnifier opens sight toward what we are most aligned with and empowers us in embracing it.

Complex, heavy energies are seen clearly for what they are with The Magnifier. Sexual wound trauma, physical abuse and self-destruction is seen for what it is.

In the body, the endocrine system and body chemistry are assisted in becoming rebalanced. The Magnifier allows enhancement of the body’s chemical ability to be more aligned with inner peace in previously painful or shocking and debilitating circumstances.

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