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Spirit Optimizer is advanced spiritual technology for spirit hacking and optimization.

All SO’s are handmade in small batches and may have slight cosmetic imperfections. Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final. Please allow 1 week for orders to process and ship.

Contact the support team on the Spirit Optimizer Instagram page for any questions.

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Green is the color to access higher energy for healing transformation and new discoveries. Green does this by provoking change through opening energy flow in the body, which allows easy removal of destructive patterns.

The Road Opener will assist you in communicating with a deeper sense of nature within your body, increasing your experience and wisdom in how you relate to things.

This is pivotal to improving all external relationships as the source is the relationship within. Your ability to communicate will be deepened through your internal transformations, which you will experience reflected in a deeper connection to nature, your own body and its frequencies.

Increasing your internal harmony is another result of deepening your relationship with self. The Road Opener therefore strengthens the immune system on a physical, spiritual, and energetic level, making it essential for self-development and those in the healing arts space.

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