how shamans are chosen

Let’s get one thing straight out of the gate; Shamans are chosen by the spirits. Yes, you can have shamans in a family lineage like myself and some others. However, the most important trait a shaman must possess, is they must be open to the spirit world.

This means they must be to connect with and communicate with spirits easily.

Why? In this path, the spirits are your guide and teacher, and if you can’t hear your guides or teacher, how can you receive guidance?

If no bridge exists, no teachings can be transmitted. Spirits send messages through the winds, through fire, through signs… 

When I was in my early training, the spirits helped me adjust to the changing of times. The spirits talking to me included my ancestors, Earth spirits, Guardians of the Earth, spirit guides, nature spirits, animals… 

This way of selection began in the tribes, where a shaman, elder or the whole tribe would be informed by the spirits that someone in the tribe was a fit for the role, by way of direct messages, premonition, or otherwise.

While you can learn and master Shamanic techniques, becoming a Shaman is a calling, not a job.

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