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Shamanic training is different for each person depending on what type of shaman you are.

For instance, the Zulu tribe – ‘Sky People’ – the Mende people and the Sámi are known as air shamans so their training uses music and movement.

Earth / Root shamans who practice plant medicine are given strict dietas. A dieta can be used as an initiation, testing your devotion to the path. Dietas can also increase your sensitivities to the plants you ingest, to learn how they affect your body.

Many shamans are tested by spirits through life events – even if they are not strictly spirit shamans. 


Shamanic Training is designed to take you on a very powerful journey of self-discovery and healing.

By design, typical shamanic training is structured to raise your awareness of who you really are. This also has the benefit of directly aligning with your competencies in practice.

For example, someone who stands out as more empathic than others, is able to be great at reading the energies of others.

However, they may struggle at maintaining boundaries for themselves, and managing their energy levels.

Drum Dance


In shamanic training, individual limitations and false beliefs are challenged, and unknown and authentic hidden gifts are awakened in the initiate.

This process, if committed to, allows the initiate in training to merge with the healing methods and knowledge their course provides.

Over time and effort, confidence within the student will rise. The initiate, challenged by personal limitations, overcomes them.

They emerge as as independent servant of the ancient ways, dancing their dreams and empowered to act. Eventually, with commitment, they are initiated as a shaman.

If you desire your own training, you are invited to try my courses at The Shaman School, check out Spirit Hacking, or learn in a private session with me.

Amala àṣẹ,

Shaman Durek

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