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Shamanic healing is based in anything we need to do to get the four bodies to communicate to the source, to receive the healing they need.

To expand further, Shamanic healing is about being able to connecting with one, or all of the four spirits – “the four bodies” in a person; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Healing then requires us to align those bodies with the magnetic energy of source – the creation energy and be able to heal themselves.

This can happen through the use of clearing spirits which don’t belong in these bodies – etheric entities for example – or by activating energies within those bodies, or simply having a person look at their dreams.

Shamanic healing can also result in teaching someone how to communicate with spirit. Through shamanic healing, someone – you – can learn to communicate with your body to find out what it’s going through and change whatever the body needs.

For example, being able to change the body’s temperature or relax certain muscles.


Shamanic Healing is a category of healing techniques and modalities taught and passed-down generationally by Shamans.

Shamanic healing practices ultimately help transform you into a higher-resolution version of who you are. 

Shamanic healing practices require a practitioner, a shaman, who is believed to – and does – connect, communicate and interact with animals, plants, people and elements.

Connecting in this way is thought to be done with altered states of consciousness or being, but the truth is – to a shaman – ‘normal’ is state where a constant switch of states is trivial, and being fully present assists that.


Iboga from West Africa
Iboga from West Africa.

Shamanic healing is believed to be performed upon the person, entirely through the hands and gifts of the Shaman, but this is a common misconception.

First, a shaman reads the subject and the depth of this read from a real shaman is unlike anything else. To give you a sense, here are the pieces of your being I’ve been taught to look at. This is a similar list to the methods other experienced shamans I’ve served with utilize as well.

First, I open communication directly with the person’s body. I also check the pulse, and watch the way a person stands and walks. Sometimes I’ll read their bones through touching their wrist. Next, I’ll look into family structure, lifestyle, and foods the person eats.

Then I ask the spirits how the person communicates to themselves, and I’ll look into what kind of mindset they have, how they process emotions, what they react to and how much info you hold in your body. I’ll also scan for how many different poisons or bacteria they hold in their body, including parasites. As you can see, the read is deep and thorough.

Once the read is complete, the shaman can identify what to do next. The process of healing begins with the Shaman inducing energy flows, channels, states or medicines into the body… but it is carried by the person upon connecting them to the source. 

Techniques we would use including transmitting colors, frequencies, plants, sound, vibration, stomping, dance, rattles, shaking, drums, we might shake you, poke you, massage you…

Every session is different, and to sketch out exactly what happens would not paint an helpful picture.

It’s more helpful to share this: someone comes in with a stagnation that is causing a disturbance, and the shaman helps to move that energy and reconnect the person to themselves before they embodied incorrect thinking. They are also connected back to source.


Plant medicine can be a very transformative healing tool. But the misconception lays in the plant being perceived as if like a medicinal drug you buy at a store… I.E., ingesting the plant will bring on the transformative experience, and no other factors are critical.

The truth is this; a shaman who has been correctly trained in serving the medicine has a relationship with the spirit of the plant, and calls upon it to move the energies in each person to the best result.

Oftentimes, a medicine man or shaman who works with these plants will initiate their connection through a dieta – an act of connection where the subject sacrifices their appetite to a very limited diet in devotion to the plant and its spirit. Some dietas can be days long, and others, months or many years long.

Sensitive people visiting a plant medicine circle will notice an energy circulating the sacred space, long after the ceremony is complete and everyone is “sober”. 

Spirit shamans can access plant medicines in the spirit world that have not been introduced as yet in this plane of existence, in order to help heal the body.

The spirit of the plant medicine, the material, and the ceremony and shaman, all play a key part in the power of the medicine as a healing tool for your evolution. The material is just one piece.


There has been a trend of fast-training plant medicine shamans, who come back as medicine keepers after 6 months training in the jungle.

To develop a strong, long-term relationship with a plant spirit that quick is unlikely. To be able to best serve, you would need to have a strong and confident relationship with the plant. This will assist in all the dynamics of a ceremony, like protection. 

Plant medicine ceremonies should never be done indoors. If the shaman is doing this as absolute necessity, then look for a elemental representations like a bowl of water, some fire, smoke, drumming and offerings left inside. If you see none of this, this is not a competent shaman to be in ceremony with.

Make sure if you’re invited to an indoor ceremony that the indoor space is a sacred place; not a common living room. If you don’t see offerings to the elements, the place is not protected and you’re putting yourself at risk. 

There should always be a protection cast upon the people seeking the plants – you would not believe how many times I’ve heard of people becoming possessed at a ceremony. It is as common, as it is frustrating.

A competent shaman who gives plant medicine will always do a thorough check on you. Which means they have the ability to sit you with the plant and have you connect with it, and do an assessment with you.

They sit you down, read your energy and connect with you. If they’re doing a group, they would meet the group, or do a dreaming with the group before they administer the medicine.

Prolific, trained shamans would have knowledge of the medical understandings of the body. So they would know when someone is able to take the medicine. Some people might have heart issues, or be sensitive to the medicine in a detrimental way. 

Plant medicine is one way to heal, but some shamans will bury you, some will administer spirit medicine – like Tagnala root (which I taught a class on in Dec 2020) – and so on…

If ever you meet a shaman who serves a plant medicine, ask them how many years they’ve been in observation with the spirit to become a shaman. If someone says a year or less, be very wary.

Even two years would give me pause. I would also ask if they have knowledge of the human body in case there are complications and you need extra care.


Society has distorted nature outside and inside us. We’re blessed then, that shamanic practices and of course, shamans, exist to help correct that through deep wisdom of nature in, around and through us.

Shamanic healing is said to be a form of alternative medicine, but the truth is that these practices and wisdoms of living in harmony with the Earth is the original medicine.

Zulu Medicine Man Reading Bones
Zulu medicine man reading bones
Zulu Diviner
Zulu Diviner
Women of the Mende Tribe
Women of the Mende Tribe
Bwiti Shaman from Gabong
Bwiti Shaman from Gabong
Shaman in Peru
Peruvian Shaman : Image by stardust19855 from Pixabay
Sámi Shaman
Sámi Shaman
Mende Tribe Women
Mende Tribe Women
Siberian Shaman - uncredited
Siberian Shaman - Uncredited source

Modern medicine is the alternative medicine. Shamanic healing is how we used to heal ourselves in tribes and communities before minds were arrested through organized religions and societal (un)structures.

This matrix we’ve arrived into is built to manipulate powerful souls into buying the illusions that they are somehow without power, and need something external to have power or love in false forms.

What shamanic healing offers is a remembrance of our nature within, before the programming.

It gives us tools to interact and communicate with spiritual energies and spirits for the sake of healing, with practices varying from culture to culture.

Even with variance, there are simpler healing elements that remain consistent; these include the use of song, dance, sensual touch, emotional sensing, diet, and music.


When you choose an open mind, all things are possible. When you don’t, much like a valve or a kink in a hose, possibilities become constricted, and the energy no longer flows to the potential it can achieve for the furthest potential evolution you can reach in a session. 

Many I’ve served, and stories online from all over the world have stated life changing emotional healing is possible through one session of Shamanic healing than through years of modern therapy.

This is to highlight feedback I’ve encountered repeatedly. As an aside, I also recognize and am thankful that practices of what is referred to as modern medicine and they are sometimes the only solution that will keep you alive. Shamanism and Institutional Medicine have both improved and saved my life, and respecting and appreciating both is an approach I recommend and live by.

I also feel it necessary to highlight the efficacy of shamanic healing for rapid personal transformation. In my experience, both as recipient and servant of shamanism, it’s the fastest method we have on this Earth.

There a few studies documenting the efficacy of shamanism, but that will likely change soon, thanks to studies pushed forward by people like Wim Hof, and hospitals recognizing the power of this service, and welcoming it through their doors.

The fact Shamanic healing has been utilized successfully for thousands of years with little change in its practices, through eras of human existence and indigenous cultures is testament to its power.

Amala àṣẹ,

Shaman Durek

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